Effective Ways to Crossbow Free Fire Weapons, One Hit Kill on FF!

Free Fire is a battle royal game that is quite popular in Indonesia. This game has many types of weapons that you can use. There are many types of weapons in this game, such as Shotgun, Sniper, Assault Rifle, SMG, and others. But here the weapon that we will discuss is a weapon that is quite unique. Namely Crossbow. This weapon has a high stat and a unique enough shot for you to use. We will discuss more about how to effectively use Crossbow weapons with free fire characters who can use this weapon well.

As said before. Each weapon has different stats and how to play it. The weapons we will discuss also have diverse and unique ways of playing. Crossbow is a unique weapon that has high damage and can penetrate enemy armor easily. This weapon is very strong in long range as well as close range attacks. You can also use weapons that can help you use this weapon.

The characters in this game also have skills that you can use while playing. Each character’s skills are different. The skills possessed by the characters are active and some are passive. So, you should first read the skills of the characters you are going to use. We will also discuss about characters that are suitable for Crossbow weapons later.

Here we will discuss more about, How to effectively use Crossbow weapons free fire to make it more deadly. We will also provide a list of characters that are suitable for use this weapon, as a reference for you to play using the Crossbow weapon.


Crossbow is a weapon that has high damage on each shot. The stat that this weapon has is very high, because it has high damage and range, this weapon is suitable for use at long distances. However, this gun’s shot was unlike any other weapon. Like an arrow, if you want to shoot the enemy from afar, it is better to guess it slightly up or from a height.


To use the Crossbow free fire weapon, it is better to shoot the enemy from a long distance. This weapon can only carry 1 bullet per reloading. So, it will be difficult for you to shoot the enemy. However, this weapon can be a powerful Flank weapon as well. If you see an enemy who has a little blood, you can approach the enemy, and do a finisher. But it will be more effective to use it over long distances.

The following is a list of free fire characters suitable for using Crossbow weapons. Take advantage of the skills they have, so you can play more easily.


Kelly is a character who can run fast. His skills can increase his Sprint speed. Because of this, this character can find a place to shoot quickly and run away from enemies. With the Crossbow weapon, you can go to high places quickly and shoot enemies from a suitable place.


Miguel is a character who can add EP if he gets a kill. The skill he has, can add energy points to increase his blood, if he gets a kill. You can use a Crossbow to become a Flanker. Use the Crossbow to do a Finisher to get EP easily.

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That’s an explanation of, how to effectively use the Crossbow weapon. By knowing how to use weapons, you can play better with these weapons and characters.

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