Epic Skin for Free Mobile Legends at Summer Draw ML 2020 Event!

In June, lots of people will be present at the land of dawn, such as the skins from the Dragon Tamer Squad and there are also several events that will also be present to enliven the atmosphere in Mobile Legends. Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends announced that there is an event this June. If you join, you can get a prize pool in the form of Free Epic Skin Mobile Legends at the Summer Draw ML Event. Summer Draw event which has started from June 1 to June 7, 2020.

The Summer Draw event is an event specially made by Moonton this June for players to get limited epic skins. To get free skins from this Summer Draw event, you only need to complete the existing Quest.

The prize pools that you can win through the Summer Draw event include Irithel Astral Wanderer Skins, Kagura Soryu Maiden skins, Lightborn skins ranging from Alucard to Granger, and several elite skins available in this event.

Latest Summer Draw Mobile Legends Event

Draw in the Summer Draw Event can be done using diamonds and by completing certain quests to free draw. The quests that you can do include Login in the Event, Invite Friends, and Recharge. If you want to use diamonds then you can use 50 diamonds to draw once and to draw 10x you only need to take out 450 diamonds.

Cheap Mobile Legends Skin Prices at This Latest Event

You need to know that at this event there are rules that state that to get an epic skin you can get 10x Draw the first time. Moonton at the Summer Draw Event makes it easier for players to get epic skins because epic skins in the Mobile Legends shop usually sell for 899 Diamonds, but at The Summer Draw event is only valued by Moonton for 450 Diamonds. That is, you get this skin for only a lower price than the usual price.

This month, there are many events held by Moonton. There are also many changes that will be present in Mobile Legends, such as the addition of the Dragon Tamer Squad. In addition, there are also new hero releases such as Bennedeta and Khaleed on the original server. Finally, there is also an update regarding buffs and nerf for both heroes and items in Mobile Legends.

As additional information for you Martis hero users in Mobile Legends, Moonton as the developer also presents a Return Event where you can get Deathrock’s Special Martis skin. This Deathrock mobile legends special skin is present in the event starting on June 6-15. Make sure you get this special skin because it is very rare to have it.

To get this skin you only need to log in regularly when the event starts and just complete a few quests. Besides that, you can also win attractive prizes available in this event. So, don’t miss the cool event that is being held this month.

So that’s an explanation of the Mobile Legends Summer Draw Event that will be coming this June. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for you. That is all and thank you!