Epic Skin Nana ML Mecha Cute Mobile Legends 2020

Nana is one of the heroes in the Mobile Legends game, she is one of the Leonine descendants who are now rarely found anymore. But actually Nana still has Leonin’s friends, namely Harith. For the two of them, it is rumored that there will be a special Skil Special Couple for Harith and Nana. Even though this is still an issue, but we hope it will actually be released. This time we discuss the Epic Nana ML Mecha Cute Skin in Mobile Legends 2020

Now Nana is one of the best Mage Support in Mobile Legends, her ability is very good even when she is used as a Mage or Support. The resulting damage is also very large, so it’s no wonder Nana is now starting to OP again.

Having the appearance of a child, Nana is able to make enemies immobile with her Skill 2 and Ultimate. Nana also has a passive, where when she is dying it will turn into a raccoon or cat and is immune to all attacks.

In the last month, there were several skin leaks that will be coming this February. After Lylia, finally Nana got her new skin.

As we all know, Nana already has Normal, Elite, Special Skins and finally guess what skin Nana will have.

Instead of being curious, let’s just take a look at the preview of Nana’s skin which will be out on February 24, 2020.

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Epic Skin Nana ML Mecha Cute Mobile Legends 2020

In this skin, the initial appearance of Nana’s animation is that she is a little girl who looks ordinary. But after that he took a pendant hanging in his bag. Then the pendant turned into a cat ear headband which was immediately attached to Nana’s head.

After that, Nana finally changed and wore a very cute Robot outfit, her appearance finally changed drastically from what was once a Leonine and is now a Super Little Child.

All of his abilities have changed, from Basic to Ultimate Skills. Here is the preview.

Basic Attack Skin Epic Nana ML Mecha

Nana’s Basic Attack is still the same as throwing a Boomerang, but has a pretty Futuristic Boomerang appearance. Her Boomerang turns bright blue, and now Nana will no longer hold weapons like the previous ML Skin.

His passive also changes, on Normal to Special Skin he will change to Racoon. But after being paired with this skin, Nana finally turned into the same little boy as in the initial animation appearance of the skin.

Skill 1 Skin Nana

Nana’s 1st Skill also changed, she threw a giant Blue Boomerang in the designated direction. Also, this Boomerang Throw was followed by a swirling bright Blue Effect and an aura behind it. There is a Triangle Logo, X Sign, Box and Circle in the Aura section of this attack.

Skill 2

Nana’s Skill 2 is still having a bug, so now it still looks like a normal skin. However, it is reported that his Skill 2 will change to Pink and the enemy affected by this Skill Skin Epic Nana Mobile Legends Mecha will become a Robot.

Ultimate Skill Skin Epic Nana ML Mecha

Nana’s Ultimate Skill changes to Futuristic Blue, besides that there is also a Logo that Hero Nana has imprinted on her attack.

When the Epic Nana Mobile Legends Mecha Skin on this Skill is active and has started to attack. Then there will be a blue shockwave or wave in the area of ​​the attack.

So, those are some previews of the Latest Epic Nana Mobile Legends Mecha Skin. How? Are you interested in buying this mobile legends skin ?. Mimin is really interested in buying, the problem is User Nana.

That’s all, Thank you.

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