Event Adventure Dawn FF Skin Adventure Free Fire 2020!

Various kinds of the latest events that were presented by Garena for the Free Fire game, made many players not feel bored. This is because they can carry out the event mission, after that they can also get the prizes that have been set. This time there is the Adventure Dawn FF Skin Adventure Free Fire 2020 Event!

You will also have the opportunity to get a Weapon Skin, Bundle or other prizes for free through this event. Not all events are presented for free, Garena will also present events that use Diamonds to get prizes.

But that’s not a problem, because Top Up in the Free Fire game is arguably cheaper and friendlier. Compared to other games, Free Fire sometimes gives a Diamond bonus event when doing a Top Up.

Now, we have a new event called Adventure Dawn. This is a Free Fire event that has an Adventure Theme, later if you complete the Mission in this Event you will get a Skin Bundle.

This bundle has a model and shape like a professional adventurer to explore the Forest in the Free Fire game.

On this occasion we will discuss the Adventure Dawn Free Fire Event.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Adventure Dawn Free Fire 2020 Event

At this event, you can only enjoy it from January 10 to January 16, 2020. This event is not free, but you have to Spin 30 Diamonds for the usual and 135 Diamonds for 5 Spin times.

This is a Web Event and the prizes you get from this event will go directly to your Inventory or Vault on your Free Fire Account.

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Adventure Dawn Event FF Skin Adventure 2020!

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This is a new Web Event that comes to the Free Fire game, you can get all of these prizes through just Spin. So you could say you have to use Diamonds, so you can get many other prize items at this event.

Unlike the previous events, however, the Skin Bundle that was presented was not too disappointing. By using Diamond, you can get this cool skin.

How to get prizes from the 2020 Adventure Dawn event

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You will be able to get various attractive prizes from the Adventure Dawn FF Skin Adventure Free Fire 2020 Event this time. Not just getting the Grandprize Skin Bundle. You will get a Weapon Royale Ticket, the latest Spin Event Ticket and Wukong Character.

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You have to collect 5 bullets from the Spin event, but don’t worry because there are many other prizes to be obtained. We will suggest for those of you who want to get this Bundle, often to Spin 5 Times. It is possible to get 1 bullet, or even more.

That’s the Adventure Dawn FF Skin Adventure Free Fire 2020 Event that we can convey on this occasion. What do you think about the event ?. Interesting or vice versa? The Adventure Dawn FF Skin Adventure Free Fire 2020 is required to use Diamonds to get the Skin Bundle. If you are hockey, you can immediately take it home with only 5 spins (immediately get 5 bullets at once).

That’s all we can say, Thank you.

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