Evil Geniuses Wins Over CR4ZY, Secure NA Bracket in WeSave! Charity Play

Evil Geniuses brings good news from the Dota scene this time around after winning against CR4ZY in the North American bracket on WeSave! Charity Play with a score of 3-1 which is relatively clean.

Aui_2000 and his team needed two games to warm up and get their best feel for EG, which is plenty of time for Tal “Fly” Aizik to stabilize his team and close the series, even with two stand-ins.

With former player and their current coach BuLba hitting their roster alongside former Geek Fam player as midlaner Eric “Ryoya” Dong for this charity tournament, EG is looking not at their best. But rather than accepting an early defeat, it is surprising that they brushed off the low expectations of many by winning the opening series against the current second best team in NA. In comparison, the CR4ZY looks like an easy task, especially for EG who is very comfortable playing on the BO5.

Arteezy Crashes CRAZY with Ease!

This game even looks very one-sided when Arteezy with his Alchemist destroy CR4ZY with relative ease. Easily kill enemy heroes with a score of 10/0/07 by pairing Ryoya’s Void Spirit which adds another eight additional kills. Even with Cr1t- dying for six times, CR4ZY was not given an exploitable gap, falling far behind when it came to being willing to miss four heroes in 11 minutes.

In the second game CR4ZY also couldn’t do much. Able to lock Arteezt’s game with his Wraith King, but let BuLba and Slardar control the course of the game. BuLba with a score of 10/01/14 with very high damage from Arteezy and Ryoya. Even though they were able to block EG in 24 minutes, CR4ZY had to be crushed by the deaths of more than 20 times in the last 12 minutes.

In terms of tournament points, EG, who was very confident in this format, entrusted Arteeze and Ryoya with their flagship heroes, Wraith King and Void Spirit. But the synergy from CR4ZY was able to overwhelm EG.

Secure the NA Bracket in WeSave! Charity Play

All players on the other team are able to provide the keys to a good game like KheZu with the perfect Centaur, making gaps for the team while helping the team from the dead. Skiter and MoonMeander also show off Specter and Mirana which are pretty good, while Bryle deals high damage to his team with his Huskar.

It was not an easy victory but slowly they began to move from adversity. The game closes with a teamwipe in less than 30 minutes giving CR4ZY more time to breathe.

But unfortunately the rest of the other game series were won easily by EG by taking advantage of the opportunities created by BuLba for Arteezy and Ryoya. With Arteezy’s Alchemist who is very effective and high potential as usual, EG finally closed the series with a score of 3-1 despite being given difficulties by CR4ZY.

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