Facebook Gaming, an alternative to playing games from Facebook

Facebook Gaming finally launched on the market. April 20, 2020, is the release date for this application worldwide. You can already check the existence of this application on the Play Store. The release of Facebook Gaming in 2020 is the result of upgrades and developments from the existing Facebook Gaming.

Let’s just say that Facebook Gaming has had a beta version, which has only been released in a few countries, for the past 1.5 years. The final result of developing the beta version of this application is the March 2020 edition of Facebook Gaming.

The launch of the Android version of Facebook Gaming is actually not in accordance with the original plan. If you want to follow the schedule, this application will be released in June. The Covid-19 pandemic is the reason Facebook Gaming is advancing its release schedule.

The activity of playing games has increased dramatically since the calls at home and quarantine. Yes, as a business-oriented company, Facebook doesn’t want to lose this moment, please.

Even though there is a mobile version, Facebook Gaming doesn’t exist for the PC version. The absence of the PC version of Facebook Gaming was due to management’s decision not to compete with Twitch. The formal reason is because Facebook Gaming management thinks that the experience of playing games on a mobile device is much more intense and familiar than on a PC.

Facebook Gaming itself is considered by some practitioners as a mobile version of Twitch. Because of the similarities in features and services in the two applications. Fortunately, Twitch doesn’t have a mobile version. If there is a mobile version of Twitch, the world of mobile games will be busy.

Until now, Facebook Gaming is still available for the Android version. It is not clear when the iOS version will be released. The rumor is because Apple still doesn’t agree with the Facebook Gaming application.

Facebook Gaming is worth trying because of its good features. One of the features provided is the feature of broadcasting live game sessions in this application. So you can broadcast while playing games. Ala-ala Reza Arap, deh.

Apart from broadcast features, Facebook Gaming also provides several other features. Such as the shared tournament feature, light game features, or also services connected directly to the Facebook application.

The growth of Facebook Gaming application users is high. During the beta release, there was a 210% increase in users within a year (2018-2019). Even though it has increased, the number of users of this application is still far behind compared to Twitch or similar applications.

It’s still unclear how Facebook Gaming will develop in the future. But with the high number of Facebook users, Facebook Gaming will definitely take advantage of the connectivity features to the Facebook and Messenger applications.

Now is the time for you to download the Facebook Gaming application. Feel the sensation of playing the mobile version of Twitch.