Facts About Forrest Li, The Founder of Garena Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire is one of the best online game in the world, with its proven popularity worldwide. This game has millions of active players worldwide. The company that helps the creation of this game is Garena. Without Garena, the development of the Free Fire game will be pretty much nothing. And behind the success of this Garena company and the game Free Fire, there is Forrest Li as the founder of the company. So here we have some facts about Forrest Li, the founder of Garena Free Fire.

Facts About Forrest Li, The Founder of Garena Free Fire (FF)

Number 42 of the richest man in Singapore in 2018

As the sole creator of the Free Fire and its company, Garena, no wonder that Forrest is becoming one of the richest man in Singapore. His wealth can wrap up to billions worth of wealth, due to his hard working personality and the ambition that he has. He even beat other businessmen that is in the same industry that he is, which is gaming industry. Min Liang, the founder of Razer for example, is only 45th of the richest man list.

He create Garena because of his wife

When you create something, there has to be a reason why you’re creating it. The same applies to Forrest Li. He creates Garena due to the scholarship program for 6 years that his wife had in the past with a local company in Singapore.

Back in the day, Forrest Li and his wife starting to date in the United States. When her wife wants to settle in Singapore to fulfill her contract requirement, Forrest’s dad persuade Forrest to tag along with her wife to Singapore as well. And that’s where everything started.

Becoming the second biggest millionaire in the online gaming industry

Another interesting fact about Forrest Li is that he is the second biggest millionaire in the online gaming industry. He is second, just below Tim Sweeney, the founder of the online battle royale game, Fortnite. Both games that they develop has the same concept, which is battle royale. Free Fire is now 4th in terms of game downloads. The total amount of players that download this game is up to 350 million players.

His stock value is around 14 billion rupiah

Taken from Bloomberg, 41 years old Forrest Li is one of the youngest entrepreneur to have 13.8% of shares in SEA, that is based in Singapore. And now, the stock value is at around 1 billion dollars, or 14 billion rupiah according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

He is also a founder of Shopee

Even though Forrest Li is a gamer, he is also one of the founder of one of the biggest e-commerce company in Asia. This e-commerce is an equal competitor to Alibaba and Lazada. If you ever heard of Shopee, you need to know that Forrest Li is the founder of Shopee as well!

And that’s some facts about Forrest Li, the founder of Free Fire and Garena. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!