FF Bugs Run Fast and Soundless in Free Fire 2019

The Free Fire game is one of the games that is very popular with many people in Indonesia. In addition, Free Fire is one of the most popular games on the Play Store with a very large number of downloads. At this time there is a Bug FF Run Super Fast and No Sound Free Fire 2019 which returns again after a long time

Garena Free Fire has also provided lots of updates that award lots of items for free. In addition, there are also those who have to use Diamond in order to follow it.

Especially at the current Winterland event, Garena has not yet fully presented many prizes. Besides that, it will still be a big Surprise in the future.

However, in this discussion, we don’t want to discuss a Winterland Event. The number of updates that are present in the Free Fire game results in a lot of data that is also entered into it. Now the Free Fire game has a Bug Free Fire Run Fast in the game.

FF Bugs Run Fast and Soundless in Free Fire 2019

This bug can make you run without making a sound and the FF Bug run fast. Actually this bug has already existed and was fixed. However, there are some people who can use this bug after yesterday’s update.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article Bug Free Fire Run Fast below.

Bug Running Without Making a Sound in Free Fire

This new bug in 2019 was previously fixed by Garena free fire in the update months ago and has disappeared. But after yesterday’s update, there were some people who tried this bug again and it worked. If you use this Bug, your footsteps when running will disappear and make the enemy unable to know your location.

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The way to use this bug is also quite easy, you must need a large number of Medic Kit preparations and reduce the basic HP below 200.

Then you run while healing, with this, the animation when using the Medic Kit can eliminate the sound of footsteps you guys for a while.

The downside when using the Bug is that you will likely become an easy target for enemies who are watching you run and use the Medic Kit.

FF Bug Run Super Fast in Free Fire

Apart from the soundless running bug, there is also an O9i Fast Run FF Bug that can make you run really fast. You will be like using the fastest vehicle in Free Fire.

The way to use the Fast Run FF Bug is quite complicated and you also need a Monster Truck vehicle which can be obtained from Air Drop only. If you manage to get it then the next thing is to remove the helmet. You do this when driving, then drive outside the zone until you receive damage outside the zone. That way, you will activate the Super Fast FF Run Bug

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After you are hit by damage, then the next thing is to retreat back to the safe zone. Then get off the vehicle and kill the enemies shooting at you. Next try to run and see the speed that is in your character, whether you have run fast or not. At that time the Bug Free Fire Run Fast was active if it ran fast

This second Free Fire Quick Run bug can be quite difficult to do. Especially by killing enemies who shoot at you in the Zone to activate the Free Fire Quick Run Bug.

Those are some explanations for the Free Fire Fast and Soundless Run Bug that we can convey at this opportunity. Greetings, Booyah.

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