FF Military General Bundle Get Discount, in Indonesia too?

When you play a battle royale game, of course the things you want to win are really high. If you want to play the game easily, just try the Free Fire Game now. Even though at first it looks easy, but if it gets longer and the rank goes up, the enemy will become even stronger.

Therefore, if you play this Free Fire game, you are sure to try the Best Combination of Assault Rifle Weapons. So that later when you are fighting an enemy, you will not lose easily. It can even make the enemy become afraid and resigned if he plays right.

Garena will continue to present many of the latest updates, so that you players will not be bored playing this Free Fire game. There are even tablets, some Ways to Make Cool Free Fire Accounts for now. So in the future, you might get a lot of likes.

Henceforth, Garena will definitely present a cool Bundle for all of you. Because of the current Free Fire Bundle, there are already a lot of them in the Free Fire Shop. Yesterday in Indonesia we attended the Vote Bundle Summer Event.

The bundle in Brazil that is presented is quite good and cool. But in the end this bundle, get quite a favorable discount. Curious? Check out the article below.

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Discount for Free Fire Military Generals Bundle on Brazil Servers

This bundle is already present on several servers and finally gets a big discount. But it has not been announced whether this discount will be for all servers, or only for Brazil servers only.

This Women’s Military General Bundle is indeed very good, in fact his appearance is no less cool than other bundles. In the future, there will definitely be another cool bundle like this. Although the levels and how to get them, vary.

For the price of this military generals’ Bundle, the starting point is 999 Diamond Free Fire. Of course, this price is indeed quite a lot, so that there are players there who can buy and there are also those who cannot. But currently, Garena offers a discount for the bundle.

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20% discount on Free Fire

Where is Garena now, has imposed a 20% discount on the bundle. The initial price of this bundle, indeed reached 999 Diamond. But after getting a discount, of course the price offered is only 799 Diamond.

This is a fairly cheap price, even all players on the server there can buy this Bundle. Remember that their currencies are different, that’s why in Brazil the 799 Diamond Bundle can be bought by many people who are free players, if there is money, they can buy this too.

This discount held by Garena does not last for a long time, they only hold this discount from 27 May to 2 June 2020. Reportedly, this bundle will have discounts for all servers.

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So all of you in Indonesia, have to be patient and wait for official confirmation from Garena. So that later you can also collect one of these cool bundles.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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