FF Supermarket Event, Cheaper Free Fire Bundle Shopping!

Free Fire is one of the Battle Royale games on the Android platform with a large number of players, even this game is also able to compete with Mobile Legends or PUBG Mobile. So this time Garena Free Fire presents the latest FF Supermarket Event for all of you.

This popularity has finally made Free Fire one of the best games in 2019, with this best achievement, Garena will always provide various kinds of updates and the best events to players.

If Garena does a big update and also provides lots of interesting events in the game, then it is certain that in 2020 Free Fire can be one of the best games on Playstore for the next.

Right now, we have all had the Winterland Free Fire Event and all the events that have not yet come out completely. Free Fire has launched a new event and this is the newest Supermarket Event to welcome the main event, the New Year Festival event.

This Festival New Year 2020 event will give you the opportunity to get a Snowy Servitude Bundle. Not only that, later you can get Snowman Grenade Skins, AK47 weapon skins and many other prizes.

On this occasion we will also provide an explanation of the event. Now for you Free Fire players, prepare your diamonds to take part in the New Year 2020 Festival Event which will be here to accompany you in the new year. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

FF Supermarket event with Free Fire Bonefreeze Dino Bundle prizes

At this event, you will get a chance to get a prize in the form of the Bonefreeze Dino Bundle as the grand prize for the event and other items such as the ghost pirate season 19 elite pass card, change nickname, hayato character, laura, dj alok, elite pass card and so on. so.

For this event it is almost the same as the Mysteri shop, the only difference is that you can get an 80% discount by buying 3 items.

For those of you who want to buy interesting items economically, it is advisable to take part in this one event because you can get discounts of up to 80%.

Explanation of the FF Supermarket Event

FF Supermarket Event

This event is not long because it lasts from December 24 to December 29 2019. There are 8 items from the contents of the supermarket, you can only buy as many as 3 items in one purchase.

Purchasing an item will get you a large enough discount, just buying 1 item you can get a discount of up to 50%. For the purchase of the second item, you will be given a 65% discount and the purchase of 3 items at once will be given an 80% discount. The items that you buy will go directly into the Vault or Collection.

The Elite Pass in the FF Supermarket Event is cheaper

At this event, you can also buy an Elite Pass Card. You can get the season 19 Elite Pass card at a fairly cheap price. If you don’t get an Elite Pass, you can Refresh Items at the Supermarket.

The opportunity to reset is only free 3 times, if you have reached the limit then you need 20 Dimaond to reset the prize.

Now that’s the Free Fire Event which is currently taking place. Don’t let you miss this event, especially those of you who want to buy items at low prices.

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