Fiesta Redemption Store Enlivens PUBG Mobile’s 11.11 Player Festival

This November, a variety of attractive offers are coming to PUBG Mobile. One of them is the 11.11 Player Festival which provides various promos and discounts for players. One of them is the Fiesta Redemption Store which enlivens the 11.11 Player Festival at PUBG Mobile and here is the complete information.

PUBG Mobile is a favorite battle royale game that not only provides interesting gameplay but also presents a variety of attractive offers for its players. Every time, there are always events that contain cool prizes. Likewise with the provision of massive promos to get certain offers.

Including the excitement of this month which provides a variety of attractive offers. One of them is by holding the 11.11 Player Festival to celebrate the fun of 11.11 on 11 November which has recently been symbolized as a beautiful date which contains various promos and discounts.

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PUBG Mobile 11.11 Player Festival

Fiesta Redemption Store

As we can see in various places, including on television and the internet, there is excitement in 11.11. November 11, which is often referred to as 11.11, is symbolized as a day containing various attractive offers, promos and discounts, especially in every marketplace.

Not wanting to be left behind in enlivening 11.11, PUBG Mobile is also holding the 11.11 Player Festival which contains various attractive offers. As the name suggests, 11.11 this festival was held on 11 November. However, the excitement did not stop at that one. Rather, it is a festival with a long period of time.

We have been able to find great prizes on the main day of 11 November and various attractive offers that continue to be given at the 11.11 Player Festival. One of them is the Fiesta Redemption Store, which has more or less one week from which its attractive offers are valid.

Fiesta Redemption Store Enlivens Player Festival 11.11

Since 11 November, PUBG Mobile has provided various attractive offers in the game. We can see there is promo after promo from that date. This includes the Fiesta Redemption Store which will be present at PUBG Mobile on November 11-24, 2020 tomorrow.

At the 11.11 Player Festival event, you are challenged to collect tokens. Then the tokens that have been collected can be immediately exchanged for various attractive prizes at the Fiesta Redemption Store.

The main prize is a complete Colorful outfit set. You can get Colorful shirts, Colorful pants, Colorful Cap, and also Colorful Shoes permanently. With a complete set of this outfit, you can make your character look more stylish in gae. You can get each item by exchanging 25x coupons.

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That’s the info about the Fiesta Redemption Store, which is celebrating the 11.11 Player Festival, which offers a variety of attractive prizes. Login now and join the excitement of PUBG Mobile Season 16 Metro including the 11.11 Player Festival. Thank you!