Ford and Olivia Free Fire, Combo Tank and Support FF Bad

Free Fire is a shooting game with the bbattle royal genre. This game has many players who play it and a fairly wide fanbase. This game has many types of weapons that you can use. You can use various variants of weapon types that have different stats for you to use. Some have long-range weapons and some also have melee weapons. Apart from weapons, the use of characters can also be an added value when playing in Free Fire. By using the characters in a good way of playing. You have a bigger chance of winning.

What makes this game different from other games is because of its character features. Each character has different skills. The effect it has is different and how to use it is also different. Some have active skills and some have passive skills. By using skills properly, you can master the character easily. There are even characters who can only activate their skills, when using certain weapons.

Several characters can work together well to create a good synergy. Meanwhile, there are also characters who have skills that are too independent or have skills that don’t match each other, thus creating a bad synergy. You can overcome bad synergy by helping each other as best you can. But, with good synergy, you can help each other to work together. That way you can attack the enemy easily.

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Here we will provide an example of a bad synergy in Free Fire. The two of them can indeed work well together, but their skills are very difficult to put together. Because of that cooperation between them will be difficult. By reading the details of the skills they have, you can understand how the skills work.


Olivia is a character who can revive free fire and increase enemy blood. His skill increases the enemy’s blood when Olivia revives him. Because doing this revive is quite long to do and takes time, so Olivia needs a safe place to do a safe revive.


Ford is a strong character outside of the safe zone. His skill reduces the damage he receives, making him strong in receiving enemy attacks. What makes this character difficult to use is because, you have to be outside the zone to activate the skill. In fact, even though you reduce the damage from enemy fire, you are still exposed to dps damage because you are outside the Safe zone.

Bad Combo Tank and Support FF

Which makes these two characters have a bad synergy because. Olivia needs time to revive her so need to be in a safe place. Meanwhile, Ford is a character who must be in a dangerous place to activate his skills. If Ford is knocked out, it will be difficult for Olivia to revive, because Ford is outside the safe zone. This is what makes it difficult for the two characters to help each other. Therefore, you need another character to help these two characters.

That is the description of the characters who are difficult to help each other. With the skills they have, you can help the team, but the skills also make it difficult for these characters to help the team. It would be better for you to choose another character to fight the enemy easily. Actually, these characters can still work together, it’s just a bit difficult because the skills they have collide with each other and don’t match.


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