Free Deathbox FF Wonderlands Newest Ready Free Fire 2020 Event

Playing the Free Fire game is of course quite exciting and very fun, even now the game is quite famous. With a total player of up to hundreds of millions more, of course this is what makes the Free Fire game the best in the world. Games developed directly by Garena, of course, will have a lot to be good. This time you can get the Latest Free Deathbox FF Wonderlands Ready Free Fire Event.

For now, Free Fire still has many other new updates. Of course in this way, you as the player will never be bored when playing the Free Fire game. Not only that, Garena is also still designing many future updates.

Until now, Garena has presented many new events that you shouldn’t miss. Because of the prizes that can be obtained, everything is very good and cool. Of course this prize, could be quite interesting Weapon Bundles and Skins.

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Not only that, the event that was presented by Garena also turned out to be able to present a mission that was easy to complete. Of course, with this, there is no reason not to be able to get prizes at the ongoing event.

Now, after the update in April 2020, to be precise on April 8, 2020 we have a big update. Where to update this time, you can feel a variety of new things that have never been tried.

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Even the events that are presented are also very good to participate in, besides the Wonderland event looking for green Egg Tokens. We also have a new event, which requires playing with a friend.

On this occasion we will provide the information to all of you.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Event Ready For The Party Wonderland Free Fire

Right now, we have a new event with pretty good prizes to be had. Even in that event, you shouldn’t miss it. This Ready For The Party event, too, is very easy to complete.

So of course, you can complete this mission in just one day, of course. Even the duration of the event is quite long. This Ready For The Party event will take place from April 10 to April 19, 2020.

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Completing the mission in the event, you can complete it quickly, of course. Because you have to play in any mode, with a friend. In this way, you can get even more fun, of course.

Get Free Fire Free Deathbox

In the following too, we will provide information about the event to all of you.

Play 1 Time with Friends: 1 Ticket Incubator.

Played 5 Times with Friends: 2 Ticket Incubator.

Played 10 Times With Friends: Deathbox – Egg Hunter Free.

Of course, this event and prizes, you shouldn’t miss. Because the prizes you can get too, are very good and very interesting to use when competing.

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So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? Are you interested in this event?

Apart from this information, you can also use Sniper Free Fire properly as long as you know how. There are even some of the best combinations of Kapella Free Fire characters which were just released on April 8, 2020 yesterday.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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