Free Diamonds New FF from Elite Pass 25 June 2020

Playing the Free Fire game is indeed very exciting to do, even until now the total players in the game have reached a very large total. So of course with the many players, this game looks quite crowded and is indeed one of the best. This time there is news that you will get 100 New FF Diamonds from the Elite Pass 25 June 2020.

In the future, the Free Fire game will still be developed by Garena to make it better. In fact, Free Fire will also be given a lot of the latest updates that are much cooler. Even the Maintenance Free Fire in June 2020, the date has been found.

In the future, this game will definitely be given many other recent updates, so that all of you will definitely never get bored playing the Free Fire game. The only event that was presented, yesterday the Booyah Lebaran Event was a success and was followed by many players from Indonesia.

By completing the event presented by Garena, of course you will be able to get lots of cool prizes later. For the future too, Garena has prepared a special event related to new things in June.

In June 2020, we will have the Elite Pass Season 25 Free Fire which is quite cool. In fact, all of you later, can get a Free Diamond by completing the Elite Pass mission that will be present.

But remember, the prize from this Diamond mission can only be obtained if it is already in June 2020.

Curious? Just consider the article below.

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Latest Free Fire Event – Free Diamonds From Elite Pass Season 25

Every time Garena issues a new Elite Pass, they will usually present Free Diamond prizes for players who buy the Elite Pass. Of course, with the presence of Diamond for Free, all of you will definitely benefit enough.

The Diamond prize that you can get is quite a bit, but it is very useful. The total Diamond that you can get from this event, the amount is up to 100 Diamonds only. But with this total, you can certainly get items that are being discounted.

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This event has actually been presented in the previous Elite Pass, so if you have bought an Elite Pass for a long time, you can definitely get this prize. Because to get prizes in this event, you must be an Elite Pass Member since the previous season as well.

Get 100 Diamond Graits Free Fire in total

But for now, the 25th Elite Pass Season Pre Order has been given, so all of you can immediately get the Diamond Prize. Remember to get this Prize, all of you must be a Member of the 23rd and 24th season of Elite Pass.

Don’t forget to buy the 25th Elite Pass Season too, so that the prizes you can get total up to 100 Diamonds. In the following too, we will explain the event to all of you.

Become an Elite Pass Season 25 – 24 – 23: 75 Diamond Member

Become Elite Pass Member Season 25 – 24: 1 Diamond Royale Ticket

Become Elite Pass Season 23: 25 Diamond Member

In this way, those of you who were previously members can immediately take it at the Free Fire Web Event today. So you guys, don’t miss it.

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Because with this total Diamond, of course you can buy items that happen to be on discount. In addition, there are also some unique items and additional Diamonds, to do Royale later.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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