Free FF Perfume Grenade Skins at the Free Fire Event

You must know that there is a Free Fire Free Perfume Grenade Skin, which will be one of the best prizes that FF players should not miss. The prize is certainly quite good and interesting when we try it later, you shouldn’t miss a Free fire event like this. Because the prizes that can be obtained are quite good and interesting.

There are many interesting things in this Free Fire game, so you really shouldn’t miss all of these things too. Especially from the current Money Heist Event Leaks, we will be able to get lots of cool and interesting prizes to try in the future too. For the current ones, we can get attractive prizes from the event.

Free Fire Perfume Grenade Skins

Every update that is presented in the Free Fire game, there are indeed many and certainly interesting enough for us to try. Don’t forget, for example, if there is an event that gives prizes in the form of skin items which are quite cool. So you could say that this is one of the Skin Items, which we can also use in matches.

The item that gets this Free Skin is a Grenade, which will be one of the best in this Free Fire game. The ability that we can get from this item, is also related to the one with a big explosion. The damage given by this item called Grenade is indeed very dangerous if we are in the area where the item explodes later.

For the skin that is currently being presented, we can see that the skin is similar to a fragrant perfume bottle. Maybe when you throw this grenade and it explodes, the effect is Pink Smoke with great damage too. Even though it smells good, we shouldn’t actually be hit by the explosion from this grenade later.

FF Top Up Event?

Don’t forget that this is part of the Top Up event in the Free Fire game. You will certainly never be bored too, to take part in events related to the current Top Up. You could say there are other prizes at the event, which we can also get quite easily.

You have to do 99 Diamond Top Up to get Angelic Avatar, 199 Diamond Top Up get Angelic Banner and 399 Diamond get a pretty cool Perfume Grenade Skin. Of course things like this, we shouldn’t miss it. Because this event will reportedly also be presented on Indonesian servers and there has been no news yet.

You just need to wait for this event to actually be presented, so that later you won’t get bored playing this Free Fire game. Moreover, from all of these things, of course this event is also quite attractive to the attention of players who want to get free items.

Every event that is presented in the Free Fire game is indeed quite good and certainly very interesting. Of course you shouldn’t miss things like this either, because from this event there are many interesting things that we can get too.

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