Free Fire 1GB RAM Lag Free Tips For You!

There are many features offered in Free Fire, and it keeps updating from time to time. Some of the features in the game that you need to find out before you play is the type of zones that appears in the game, so you can understand what each of the zones means so that you can make the right move. And don’t forget to look up the weapons available in Free Fire, to find out what kind of weapon that suits your gameplay.

Garena will always update the game in Free Fire. It will present players with new features and events. And these events will give you interesting prizes that players can claim.

Free Fire 1GB RAM Lag Free Tips

However, there are some issues found in the game. But it’s not always the game’s fault. Sometimes, it’s either your device, or the network connection. The issues in the game may vary, from lag issues, force close, etc. If your device only has 1GB RAM, the device will be easily heat up and there will be issues in the game. Here we have some tips for you to play FF ​​lag free in your 1GB RAM device.

Erase the Device’s Cache

Cache is a junk file in an apps. Since Free Fire is a quite huge apps, there will also be a huge amount of cache. The more you use your apps, the more cache will be in your device. The amount of cache will affect the performance on your device. So erase it routinely, so the device performance will always be optimal.

Deactivate Any Animation or Transition on Your Device

If your device only has 1GB RAM and you want to play Free Fire, it’s better for you to deactivate any transition or animation in your device. As it will affect your device’s performance in the game.

Close Unused Apps

Before you open the Free Fire app, make sure you have closed all of the apps that you have used before. Merely pressing home will not close the apps that you use before. so close it one by one to prevent lagging in Free Fire.

Uninstall Some Useless Apps

If there’s some apps that you haven’t use for a long period time, then it’s better if you delete it soon. Especially a self running app. A self running app will affect you RAM capacity, so try to delete some apps that is considered useless for you.

Don’t Use Moving Widgets or Wallpaper

Next is to not use any moving widgets or wallpaper, because it will also affect the RAM capacity in your device.

GFX Maybe Helpful But Beware of Getting Banned

The last thing that you can do is to use the GFX Tool. GFX Tool is an app that makes the game performance better than usual. This app enables you to enhance the graphics in the game. However, this app is prohibited by Garena. So players who use this app will be considered a cheater and there’s a risk that the account will be banned.