Free Fire 3000 Diamond Advance Server Free Fire Event November 2020!

So now we can’t miss the Free FF Special 3000 Diamond Event on the Free Fire Advanced Server for you to finish later. Of course the prizes in this event, will also bring a big advantage for all of us in the future. Don’t ignore all the new information, because we really can get quite a lot.

The events that are present in this game are quite an attraction for the players too. Of course you don’t want to, to the point of skipping all that stuff too. Especially from the information that is currently present, if the Free Fire Advanced Server has been opened and we can enter to feel the excitement on the server right now.

By participating in all the events that are present in this game, you will not feel bored anymore to play Free Fire. Just consider the explanation, in the article below right now.

Special Advanced Server Event in Free Fire Indonesia

Those of us who are playing on one of the Advanced Servers now will definitely get a lot of new interesting things to try later. Don’t forget that now there is a Free Fire Advanced Server Special Event, where you can get lots of unique and useful prizes to be one of the deposits on the server.

For now we will find out if this special event too, is almost like the Advanced Server Free Diamond Mission which at that time my Esports also discussed. In this way, Kalina is just getting ready, with some information for the next new update. Maybe by participating in an event like this, it will be even better in the future.

Complete the Mission!

Especially the missions that are present at this Special Event are quite easy so we can finish them later. You must reach the total account level which is the same as for several missions in the event.

  1. First, you can get 1000 Diamond prizes if you level up 5, then the prize will be continued
  2. second, get 10 Weapon Royale Tickets if you go up to Level 10 later.
  3. Not only that, you can also get 4000 Token Rank prizes, if you level up to level 15 on the server.
  4. Fourth, 2000 Diamond rewards for reaching level 20 in Advanced Server.
  5. Finally, you will get 5000 Token Rank prizes, if you go up to level 25. Of course this is one of the deposits that is quite useful later as well.

You definitely won’t want to miss all of this newest thing, because of all of it is pretty cool for us to try to taste it too. Especially from the information that is present now, if this Special Event is here and we can finish it on that server. It’s just that, you have to be diligent in leveling up on your advanced server account as well later on.

Remember that this prize will not be able to be brought to the Original Server, it will only cost you while playing the advanced server from Garena and can buy new items that you can try later.

Don’t forget to know about Free Fire’s November 2020 Advanced Server Update which is quite big and very good. Of course with all of you trying these things, maybe in the future there will be many other interesting things for us to feel now. All things like this, it will not be overlooked by us in the future too, huh.

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