Free Fire Free Fire Magic Cube Anniversary Event, Is There?

Welcoming the 3rd FF Anniversary of Free Fire, there is a free fire magic cube (FF) anniversary event. Of course, a lot of Free Fire players are waiting for this one event. How could I not, the magic cube that has been eagerly awaited by many Free Fire players this time will come for free for you.

Only by following the existing events you can get a magic cube at Free Fire’s 3rd birthday event. Of course, you can’t just miss this because magic cube is not an item that is easy for ordinary players to get. You must follow this event to run.

The progress of this event is not very clear, but from the leaks it is estimated that it will come on the 3rd Anniversary of FF. So you can take part in various missions during the event to get free magic cube easily.

Here we will discuss about the FF free magic cube anniversary event. This event that must be followed and awaited by many people will come in August 2020. All players must take part in this one event so don’t miss it.

Free FF Magic Cube Anniversary Event

Magic cube is a very rare item and it is not easy to get it. But this time there is an opportunity that can make it easier for you to get a magic cube. You can get this magic cube at Anniversary Free Fire by completing several missions.

For those who don’t know what magic cube is, you can use this item to be exchanged. Later you can get a variety of rare skins. Surely this item is very much sought after by many people because of the very scarcity of magic cubes which of course you can use later.

There may be a Magic Cube FF event anniversay mission!

Getting a magic cube at the Anniversary FF event is not that difficult. You only need to complete a few missions on the third Free Fire Anniversary. According to the leak, the mission isn’t that difficult so everyone has a chance to get a magic cube.

Later when you complete your mission you will get a free fire token. It is not clear what these tokens are but later you can exchange them for magic cube and some skins. Of course, it will be easier to remember that Free Fire’s birthday should bring joy to many people.

The use of the Magic Cube

The use of magic cube is of course for you to exchange it later for various prizes. You can get lots of prizes such as weapon skins, character skins, vehicles, and others. You can also get the rarest item in Free Fire by doing a Magic Fragment. Collecting takes a lot of time because you have to collect it from the Elite Pass or Diamond Royale. Therefore, this free magic cube gift is eagerly awaited by many people.

It’s better if you save your magic cube which you will get from the event to exchange it. Exchange it for the item you want. Generally magic cube is used to complete collections from player accounts. Exchanged for skins that don’t already have in order to complete their account.

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That’s information about the FF free anniversary magic cube event. Later you can get magic cube for free on Free Fire by completing easy missions in Free Fire on FF’s 3rd birthday. Also follow our social media on Instagram.


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