Free Fire is Often Called Dotted, FF Players Must Know!

This time we will explain the reasons why Free Fire is often called Dotted by some gamers and ridiculed as a little game.

Playing games is indeed one of the best activities if you have a long free time. For now, we are all faced with Silence at Home, because now there is such a thing as Pandemic Covid 19. If we are silent at home, we will definitely feel bored, rather than being bored, try this Free Fire game.

As we all know, this game has become one of the best games, where the total player alone has reached more than 250 million. This game is presented quite well, yesterday Garena presented the latest June Update which was really cool.

With the emergence of this, of course all players will not feel bored and can try a variety of cool new things. The presence of an M82B Free Fire Weapon, too, has brought a new Meta change to the weapons in the game.

The issue regarding the closure of the Free Fire Game does appear very often, of course this brings surprising news. But calm down because now the issue of the Free Fire game is closed, it is just a hoax made by an irresponsible and prankster.

Over time the Free Fire game will continue to be improved so that it is better than the graphics too. Even now there is an HD free fire game called free fire max. But until now there are still many people saying, Free Fire is an 8 Bit Dotted game. What was the reason that it became the material of the ridicule? Check out the article below.

This is why Free Fire is called Game Dotted FF:

1. Games That Can Run On HP Potatoes

Garena developed the Free Fire game which is friendly even with potato cellphones, so that players who are still using this cellphone can play the Free Fire game smoothly. But unfortunately with things like this, many people say the Free Fire game is Dotted.

Even though things like this prove that good games do not mean just High Spec HP. Garena presents Free Fire for potato cellphones too, so that many people can enjoy this game and feel the excitement.

2. Customizing Graphics

Because this game is presented for even Potato Cellphones, of course Garena also provides fairly simple graphics. Even though it’s simple, we all can still enjoy the excitement that is in this Free Fire game.

The graphics in the Free Fire game continue to improve, for now the graphics of the game are pretty good. Ultra HD settings in Settings can also make this game look better than before.

But strangely, some still say this game is Dotted.

3. Do not have a door

Indeed, the Free Fire game doesn’t have the name Pintu, but it turns out that Garena has also explained why this game doesn’t have Pintu. Reportedly this game does not have a door, so the graphics needed in the animation to open and close the door are not big.

If for example in the Free Fire game there is a door, the size of the game will automatically change and the potato cellphone player will also find it difficult to play this game later. Remember that differences are unique, now the Free Fire game has a difference here and is quite unique.

4. Many players are still children

This part has been proven very well, if you could say that Free Fire is often called Dotted, it is dominated by these child players. In the Free Fire game there are 2 players that you can distinguish, the first is adult players and children.

As for adult players, they were smarter and wouldn’t really care much about the insulting game he was playing. But for those who are still children, it’s natural for example to be easily triggered, so they also defend the game with such words.

Of course for this last reason, of course the Free Fire game is often said to be Dotted because the player is still dominated by children.

5. Rigid Player Movement

Then you could say that the Free Fire game is said to be Burik, our character who is used is stiff in motion. So that many also say, the Free Fire game is not that good or dotted when you play it later.

Because basically, from the past until now, the Free Fire game has always provided quite a lack of movement. Even when we turn back, you have to adjust the screen first and then the character will rotate.

6. Same Weapon Sounds

If in the real world, you must have, with the sound of weapons from either Google or other Sounds that show Shots, Now in this Free Fire game, if you hear the Sounds that are issued it’s all the same.

Even the sound given is not like the sound of a real weapon, it is different from Free Fire Max, which has used the sound of real weapons to be included in the game. Even all the weapons, the sound is different.

7. Players are hard to see from a distance

Now this has indeed been experienced by many people when playing the Free Fire game. Where when the enemy is quite far away, suddenly they will disappear by themselves if our visibility later arrives or disappears.

Whereas basically, the battleroyale game player can also see the enemy from a very far distance. Even though it looks like an ordinary point, but things like this really really help you when playing.

8. Vehicle Tires That Have Been Box-Shaped (This Ever)

Even back then, it was so dotted that the Free Fire game had one vehicle whose tires turned out to be boxy. It’s not like a box, so it’s like a hexagon.

But it’s the same thing like this that makes our situation feel strange when we see an uneven car tire like that. But for now car tires have really become round and there are no more problems like squares.

The excitement of the Free Fire game is indeed very exciting, Garena also doesn’t care how old you are. The most important thing is that all of you, if you play the Free Fire game, can be entertained and will not be bored, especially during this pandemic. You can play the Free Fire game, but remember the time too. That’s it, Thank you and Regards, Booyah and follow my esports.