Free Fire Max 3.0 does not exist in Indonesia, there is a way to play it

Free Fire Max 3.0 does not exist in Indonesia, what do you think about it? It’s no stranger to Free Fire players with Free Fire Max. It is rumored that it will soon be launched to Indonesia this year, of course many can’t wait to play Free Fire Max. Predicted as the HD version of FF, of course many want to play this game.

Indonesia, which is one of the three countries that has a number of Free Fire players along with India and Brazil, is certainly waiting for this HD version. But interestingly, from the three Free Fire giants, no one has access to Free Fire Max 3.0. But there are several other countries that get access to play on Free Fire Max 3.0 /

If you are curious about which countries have access to Free Fire max 3.0, they are Malaysia, Bolivia and Cambodia. Interestingly, the selected country is a country that is not that big of a participant in Free Fire. Also, if you pay attention to these three countries, they are actually close to the countries of the big Free Fire players. Malaysia with Indonesia, Cambodia with India, and also Bolivia with Brazil.

A lot of speculation with Free Fire Max’s country access is because Free Fire wants to do a more controlled test. If released to the three major countries of Free Fire, of course, it will be a little crowded and difficult to notice and control.

Here we also have a way for those of you who want to play on Free Fire Max 3.0 in that country. No need to bother because you only need to do a few of these little things. For some people who find it difficult, read carefully.

Three Countries Free Fire Max 3.0

The three countries selected as testers for Free Fire Max 3.0 are Malaysia, Cambodia and Bolivia. It is fairly close to being accessed by other countries, of course testing will be easier to control. Therefore you also have the opportunity to play and try.

For those of you who want to try playing on Free Fire Max 3.0, you can try playing in Malaysia. The reason is because the language is easier to digest, this close location can also help your internet connection and access. So if you play here you won’t feel that bad lag.

How to access Free Fire Max 3.0

There are several ways for those of you who want to access Free Fire Max 3.0. One of the most effective ways is to use a VPN. But not just a VPN because most Free VPNs use very slow speeds. So it’s not effective for you to mean.

Apart from using a paid VPN which is definitely your best choice there are also other ways, namely using an opensource VPN. One of them is Open VPN which can make you choose your VPN location and also the server of choice, immediately use it and look for a Malaysian VPN. From here you can immediately download and play Free Fire Max 3.0. Malaysia which is the best server choice for you you can also try on other servers, but Malaysia is the best choice.

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That Free Fire Max 3.0 does not exist in Indonesia and how to play it for those of you who want to try playing on Free Fire Max 3.0. It’s not complicated because you only need to use a VPN or proxy when logging in and playing later.


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