Free Fire Tips on the MP40 in FF

Do you know Letda Hyper? Letda Hyper is one of the famous gaming YouTuber in Indonesia, specifically for the Free Fire game. He is a really skilled Free Fire player. As a YouTuber, his gameplay is just like a pro. And he also shares some tips and tricks about Free Fire.

One of the tips is on how to use the MP40 for you to kill an enemy. There are many types of weapons in the game, either it’s close or long range weapon. Both kinds of weapons have their own capabilities in warfare.

The MP40 Pro Player Tips in Free Fire

As you know it, the MP40 is a close to medium range type of weapon that can quickly kill an enemy. This weapon is capable of 1v1 battles. However, your Free Fire skill cannot be measured merely from the weapon. You need to have some skills to maximize the potential of the MP40.

Here’s some ways to use the MP40 from Letda Hyper that you need to know!

Jump Around as You Fire Your Weapon

The first tip that Letda Hyper tells us is to make yourself used to jumping around as you fire your weapon towards your enemy. You need to do that in order for you to be skilled in doing jumpshot. These technique is often used by players using the MP40. Don’t forget to aim correctly as you’re doing a jumpshot.

The MP40 is very suitable for the jumpshot battle technique. You can optimally do it when your enemy is in close range. Try to shoot first before your enemy, in order to dominate him. If your enemy fires first, then it will be a huge risk for you even though you’re doing a jumpshot already.

Switch PositionPro Tips free fire

If you watch a youtuber play, he’s always moving from one place to another in any situation. He’s doing that to avoid enemy ambush from either close or long range proximity. High mobility will confuse the enemy that tries to track your movement. So it will decrease the chance of you getting killed.

It will be a different scenario if you’re staying in one position. If your enemy wields a notorious weapon like the AWM, you’ll have a high risk of dying in one shot. So try to keep moving!

Shoot With a Semi Tapping Style

This tip is given by Letda Hyper himself, where you need to shoot the MP40 with semi tapping style. As you know it, if you spray the MP40, it will be harder for you to aim correctly towards the target. If you semi-tap, the bullets fired will always on target and it won’t go anywhere. The way to do it is to hold the fire button for 1 to 2 seconds, and release, and do it again. This can be really effective if using the MP40 weapon.

And that’s some tips that we can give you on the MP40 in Free Fire. Good Luck!