Free Fire Tips to Secure Your Kill in FF!

In Free Fire, there are many terms that is quite difficult to understand, especially for beginners. We have some Free Fire terms that you can learn here. With knowing how to secure your kill in Free Fire, your gameplay will surely be much better.

By doing a kill secure, you can effectively secure your kill in Free Fire. It doesn’t mean that you steal other’s kill. Kill secure means that you’re making sure that your enemy is totally killed. So that your teammate won’t have to worry about the enemy still able to revive their teammate. So you will give advantage to your team. It’s because they can now focus on killing the other enemy’s squad member. Here we’ll give you some tips for you to be able to secure your kill in Free Fire.

1. Once You Knock an Enemy, Shoot to Kill!

This tip doesn’t apply to every role in the squad. Not everyone have to do a kill secure. The role that is required to secure a kill is the flanker or the 2nd fragger. It’s because the entry frag is usually the one who knocks out the enemies. This can be really important. Because by doing a kill secure, then your team will have the advantage because your team will have more members than the enemy. Then the battle will be much easier.

2. Use a Grenade

Most of the time, you are fighting against multiple enemies in Free Fire. In that situation, once you knock out an enemy, he will usually evacuate to a safer place so their friends can revive their teammate. If you don’t have a shot towards your enemy’s position, you can try to use a grenade. By throwing a grenade, the injured enemy couldn’t go far and he will surely be killed. Only if you throw the grenade here.

3. The Team Safety is Still a Priority

Even though a kill secure is a must, you also need to look around your surroundings in battle. It’s way better to keep your team safe, rather than forcing yourself to secure a kill. It’s because you can do a kill secure anytime, but your team safety is always a risk. Prepare a gloo wall to protect yourself and your team.

4. Kill Secure Should be Done by a Flanker and a 2nd Fragger

You need to remember that not every role have to do a kill secure in FF. Usually, a flanker and a 2nd fragger is the one that is doing a kill secure most of the time. It’s because the sniper or the entry fragger is the one knocking out the enemy.

5. You Can Secure a Kill Once It’s Safe

One of the things that you need to pay attention to is the situation around the battlefield. It’s because you need to make sure that the situation is safe enough for you to kill.

That’s some tips for you to secure a kill in FF. It is really important to do for you to dominate in the battle. You can even turn the table in a battle if you’re in a battle.