Free Magic Cube FF 2020 Leaks, Can Free Fire Indonesia?

Every online game must have a variety of interesting features, so that the players won’t feel bored. This is done so that the development of the game is better, even to increase the interest of other players to try the games they have developed. This time the Free Magic Cube FF 2020 Leaks, Free Fire Indonesia Got it?

Now there are many types of games that are quite famous, be it on the PC or Android platform. Of course, each of these games will present various kinds of interesting things, so that there are games that have the same type of game but with different contents.

One of the games that is still very busy being played by many people in Indonesia is Free Fire. This game is a Battle Royale type, where those of you who play it must be the last player in the match. To become the last player, of course you have to fight many enemies in the match map.

The gameplay and features in this game are very unique, so that it sets the Free Fire game apart and other Battle Royale games. In addition, the Free Fire Game is somewhat friendlier to play by players with HP Potatoes. The graphics of this game are very simple, but HD enough if you set it to ultra.

Many Cool Events In February 2020

The events that are presented in this game are very many, and also provide lots of attractive prizes to be obtained. Of course if you want to get the prize, then you have to complete several missions later.

One of the most useful and targeted by many people in this game is the Magic Cube. An item that might look useless in the eyes of other players, but for Free Fire players this is very useful and valuable.

Only by using 1 Magic Cube, you can get various kinds of Rare Bundles. The bundle price also only requires 1 Magic Cube, but getting 1 Magic Cube just is quite difficult.

You have to collect up to 100 Magic Cube Fragments from Spin, now in Spin alone there is a chance to get Fragments.

On the Free Fire Server Brazil, there is a leak of the Free Magic Cube FF 2020. Most likely this event will be on the Indonesian Server too.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Free Magic Cube FF 2020 Leaks, Can Free Fire Indonesia?

Garena has provided some information, that this Free 2020 Magic Cube FF Leaks will be present first on the Free Fire Brazil Server. So it might also be presented on other Free Fire servers. Those of us who want to try the Free 2020 Magic Cube FF Leaks, of course, have to wait patiently for further confirmation.

The Free Fire Magic Cube Leaks will actually take place on February 21, 2020. You will not use Diamonds to get this Magic Cube, you only need to participate, you can immediately get the Magic Cube in the Free Fire Magic Cube Leak.

But for those of you who can’t wait for the emergence of this event on Free Fire Indonesia. You can use a VPN to enter the Free Fire Brazil server on the 21st so you can play the Free Magic Cube Free Fire 2020 Leaks.

Magic Cube Royale In Indonesia

As we know previously Garena has made an event where players can get a Magic Cube. Unfortunately, at this event free fire players could not get a free magic cube, different from the Free Fire Magic Cube Leaks that we provided. FF players in Indonesia are required to issue several diamond free fire to get the magic cube.

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Players will do a spin, if you are lucky, then you will get a magic cube directly during the first spin. However, if you are unlucky, you only get a few fragment magic cube.

So, those are some information about the Free Magic Cube Free Fire Leaks that we can convey on this occasion. To use a VPN, you try it on a small account first, to avoid risks later.

Hanay that’s all, Thank You and Greetings Booyah.

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