Free Wonderland Egg Collection Free Fire Latest FF Bundle Prizes!

Free Fire is one of the games that is quite famous until now, it even has quite a lot of free fire players from all over the world. With an achievement like this, of course the game will continue to be developed properly by. So that the players, can feel new and not boring.

This game was developed directly by Garena, so everyone present in this game is also very good. They will continue to present many new things, so that the Free Fire Game is not too boring when you play it.

Until now, we also have many new things such as Free Fire Characters that can be used, Deadly Free Fire Weapons. Even besides that, there is a Pet Features and Functions that you can try.

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For events, Garena can indeed be relied on. Even soon, we will have a Peak day event which is quite awaiting. The Peak Day event will also take place on April 19, 2020, so of course you have to wait patiently again.

Besides Peak day, you can also take part in the Spin Event which is pretty cool prizes. In this Spin event, you can get a Free Bundle without issuing any Diamonds at all. The spins presented at this event are all free and you have to try.

Now, on this occasion we will provide some Tips for Completing the Spin to get the Bundle.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Wonderland Free Fire Egg Collection Event

At this event, you have to Spin and get the eggs you need. You could say that collecting all the eggs at this event will allow you to take the Free Bundle for the event.

Even the way to solve this is quite easy, you can solve it yourself. Even at this Egg Collection event, you can also help friends who are in need of eggs or vice versa.

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Of course, if you help each other, this event will also finish faster and the bundle can be obtained quickly too. Even Garena himself has given his tips so that you can finish the event quickly.

The following are some of the tips they provide.

Spin Parts And How To Get Eggs

At this event, the first Spin is Free. So for the first time doing Spin, of course it’s free and you will only still get 1 Egg Collection. There is a mission in the game, to be able to get an Eggshell Token. Spin more, then you will also get more eggs to collect.

The Giving to a Friend section

Those of you who have excess Eggs when Spinning, of course, can give them to friends in need. Even you, too, can ask for these eggs.

First you can choose the Give / Give option, then you will choose which eggs you want to send. After it has been determined, all you have to do is click the Share option.

Second, send the Screenshot Share Code to a friend who wants to get the Egg.

Third If your friend has received or you received the code from a friend, then select Entercode. After entering the code, later you can get eggs given by friends and vice versa.

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Redeem Rewards

When you have all the eggs from the event, the prize on the left can automatically be obtained. Of course to get this egg, you must be able to collect an egg that is already available. Even the main prize, a cool Permanent Bundle.

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So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? Do you all understand and are ready to Spin at the event?

Besides that, Garena has presented a Peak Day Event which is quite cool and there are also some Wukong Character Reviews. Even the A124 character has a very deadly counter.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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