Games like Ragnarok Eternal Love, which are the 2020 alternatives!

Now there are many MMORPG-themed games on the Android platform. An example of one of them is Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love, this one game has brought many positive responses which are quite impressive. This time there is a game similar to Ragnarok Eternal Love, suitable for 2020 alternatives!

Most of them used to be players of Ragnarok from the PC version, finally they were able to reminisce again in the Android version. Even at the beginning of its release, this game was already played by many people.

This one game is very famous in Indonesia, maybe this is an MMORPG game that makes players willing to spend up to millions of rupiah to buy items in the game.

However, there are some players who feel bored with the grinding system in the game. So this is what makes the Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love game different from other games.

But of course you also want to find a replacement game for Ragnarok Eternal Love, so you don’t get too bored.

On this occasion we will provide recommendations for MMORGP games that are suitable for you.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Games like Ragnarok Eternal Love, which are the 2020 alternatives!

  1. Lineage 2 Revolution

This game like Ragnarok Eternal Love is an adaptation of the PC version, Lineage 2 Online. The game was released in 2016, but only appeared in Indonesia in 2018 yesterday.

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Even though it is in the Mobile Version, the gameplay presented is not much different from the PC version. Not only that, the quality of the graphics that is owned is not far behind, so this can be a substitute for Ragnarok Eternal Love.

In this game like Ragnarok Eternal Love, you can choose 4 types of races from Human, Elf, Dark Elf and Dwarf. But in the latest patch, there is an additional race, namely Orcs.

  1. Toram Online

If you like games that look 3D, then Toram Online would be a very precise answer. This game has a quite different appearance from other MMORPG games.

In addition, the Toram Online game has a different game mechanism as well. Everywhere, players will certainly be strong based on class, but in Toram Online, to be strong, you have to increase the character’s abilities.

So that you are also able to have the ability of Magic and Swordman in the same character.

  1. Black Desert Mobile

Next is Black Desert Mobile. This is an adaptation of the PC version, you shouldn’t miss the appearance of this game, of course. Featuring many characters with a pretty good appearance, and the gameplay of this game is the same as in the PC version.

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Now Black Desert Mobile can be enjoyed by mobile gamers in Indonesia. So you can enjoy a much better MMORPG game, as a substitute for Ragnarok Eternal Love.

  1. Game Like Ragnarok Eternal Love Laplace M

This is also a game adapted from the PC version, the game on the PC is called Laplace. The Laplace M game has a pretty good appearance and graphics in a Mobile Game. Even though the game set looks almost similar to Ragnarok Eternal Love, the gameplay provided is different.

This game replacing Ragnarok Eternal Love has a gameplay that relies more on joysticks instead of just clicking. When viewed, it looks more like a MOBA game on Android.

  1. Flyff Legacy

The last game like Ragnarok Eternal Love that we recommend is Flyff Legacy. This one game is the same, which is an adaptation of the PC version. The game has a gameplay mechanism that uses a joystick.

At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to choose 3 characters with each character class. But unfortunately, you cannot determine Gender in this Ragnarok Eternal Love Substitute Game.

For example, Class Magic automatically uses Girls and Mercenary Classes using male characters.

So that’s a game similar to Ragnarok Eternal Love, which is an alternative in 2020 !. How? Interested in trying one of these games?

That is all that can be said, Thank you.


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