Geek Fam VS ONIC MPL Week 3 Mobile Legends, ONIC Continues to Dominate?

Geek Fam vs ONIC MPL Week 3 Mobile Legends. Finally, the last day of the week 3 MPL will take place. On this Sunday there will be an open match between Geek Fam and ONIC. ONIC is indeed the most favored here thanks to their top performance, but Geek Fam cannot be underestimated.

ONIC are not only favorites in this match, they are even favorites to become MPL winners. This is not without reason, ONIC, who are at the top of the standings thanks to their brilliant play, are able to engage whoever is in front of them. They even played until now without even losing!

Geek Fam the dark horse this time is also quite strong. Even though they were only able to win against Aerowolf, they played quite well. Being able to make it difficult for Alter Ego’s victory is not easy. There is still a possibility for them to do so upset when fighting ONIC later.

Here, let’s discuss the pre match between Geek Fam vs ONIC MPL week 3 Mobile Legends. The two teams that will compete with all their strength can certainly be an interesting match, if Geek Fam is able to provide resistance. Otherwise, this is simply one of the easiest games for ONIC.

Geek Fam

Geek Fam is not a small name in the world of esports. It was a powerhouse in Dota at that time, this time their Mobile Legends team will prove that the ML division cannot be underestimated. Against ONIC they will have to play to the death. Actually there is nothing special about their team stat. Geek Fam plays average and can be considered above Aura and Aerowolf, but has not quite climbed to the top.


Arguably the best team currently in MPL s6. ONIC performed brilliantly thanks to their star players. ONIC is able to achieve a lot of greatness like their advantage from farming. ONIC is the most effective team in farming with the highest GPM in the game. Of course, this is not without reason because ONIC has one of the best farmers in Mobile Legends.

Players You Must Pay Attention To

GEEK Doyoksyl

Doyok is one of Geek Fam’s best with his very high performance. Having a stat that soars as a Geek’s carry is proof that ONIC cannot underestimate him. Doyok has a stable GPM with a fairly high kill in his game. Of course, it is a consideration for ONIC to lock itself up.

ONIC Antimage

Even though Sanz is considered the best player currently in MPL and ONIC, don’t forget their offlaner Antimage. Antimage played very strongly in MPL this time and thanks to him the many carry and lanes he dominated. Antimage will be the key from ONIC to lock the movement of Geek Fam and open space for Sanz.

Geek Fam VS ONIC MPL Week 3 Mobile Legends

Geek Fam in this match looks like he will play very aggressively to lock the movement of Geek Fam. Forcing Geek Fam to play defensively so they have no farm and can’t push. But Geek stands a chance at the right counter if that could happen.

Estimated score: Geek Fam 0 – ONIC 2

That’s the pre-match discussion for Geek Fam VS ONIC MPL Week 3 Mobile Legends. Both teams will play to give their best, especially Geek who must win and at least get full points.

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