Get the Famas FF Swagger Ownage Free Fire Weapon Skin

Weapons are an important thing in the Battle Royale game, because you will be at war with other players. This is the most important requirement if you play the Battle Royale game, if you don’t use weapons, you will probably lose quickly. One of the most well-known battle royale games to date is Free Fire. This time you can get the new Famas FF Weapon Skin Swagger Ownage Free Fire

The game is on the Mobile Platform and has been played by more than 150 million people. Free Fire has also been well developed, so that the players keep playing the game every time. Garena as the developer always provides the latest events and features for the players to try.

In addition, they have opened the registration Advanced Server ff for 2020 now. You will also find more interesting things, if you are lucky to get inside Advanced Server the. But not all players are able to enter, because Garena only limits the number of players who can enter it.

In addition, Weapon Skins are things that will make the appearance of your weapons even better. Because there are many skins free fire weapons with different types and levels. There are ordinary ones and there are also those that provide an effect, as well as additional stats. Therefore, you can get this New Famas Free Fire Skin

Almost all Free Fire players already have weapon skins of various types, of course, even though most of them are an event. For those of you who like weapon skins that have to use diamonds, then you might like this one.

On this occasion we will provide some information for the Weapon Skin Update that will be coming Tomorrow.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

New Famas Weapon Skin Free Fire

Recently, Garena Free Fire Indonesia gave a leaked update for tomorrow, they will present a new weapon skin. This skin will be owned by Famas weapons, of course those of you who like to play with Famas weapons shouldn’t miss it. So, do you want to get this New Swagger Free Fire Famas Skin?

This new skin has the name Famas Swagger Ownage, which gives it a very good appearance. But for those of you who get this FF Famas Weapon Skin, you have to prepare a large number of Diamonds.

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Get the Famas FF Weapon Skin in Weapon Royale, so you also have to do a Spin to get the Skin.

Get the New Famas FF Weapon Skin Swagger Ownage Free Fire

This skin has the most dominant appearance of a Gold color in the middle, as well as a Fire hue on the back. There is a black color which makes this weapon even more interesting.

Not only that, the Skin Famas Swagger Ownage adds quite useful Stats for later battles. Range ++ Damage +, the shooting range and damage of this weapon becomes even further and bigger. With stats like that, you want to get this New Famas Free Fire Skin, right?

But unfortunately, the Reload Speed ​​of this weapon is reduced so that you will need a long reloading time. However, it can still be covered with a pretty good advantage. So, let’s get the new FF weapon skin Swagger Ownage Free Fire

You can get the new Famas FF Weapon Skin Swagger Ownage Free Fire which will be available on January 29, 2020 and is in Weapon Royale.

So that’s some information that we can convey, how? Are you interested in collecting these skins? Don’t miss it.

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I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates