Get the Scar Blood Moon FF Skin at the Free Fire Rap Event

Garena has presented many interesting events to its players, this is an appreciation for the players. Garena always carries out updates that never make the players disappointed, so that every day there is an increase in the player. This time you can get the Scar Blood Moon FF Skin at the Free Fire Rap Event

Garena has never felt prestigious when issuing an event with a gift of a Bundle or Skin Weapon. This is because they want to make the players feel more at home when playing the Free Fire game.

Right now we have an interesting event, the theme of this event is related to TRAP Squad. Where later on February 1, 2020, the event will be very lively.

Players will get lots of very attractive prizes at this event. And this will also commemorate next month, where a TRAP Squad Bundle comes into the Elite Pass.

For this event, you must be diligent in playing and exploring all the houses on the map. Because so you can get a prize, you have to find a token.

On this occasion, we will discuss the event that presents the Scar Blood Moon Skin.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Get the Scar Blood Moon FF Skin at the Free Fire Rap Event

Who doesn’t know these weapons? One of the best weapons in Free Fire and a weapon with quite a number of users. You can get this Scar Blood Moon fire free skin in the latest rap event today. Skin free fire weapons This is highly sought after and fought over by free fire players because of its good attributes

The method is also very easy, you can get Scar Blood Moon Skin at the Rap Free Fire Event, you only need to collect free fire Headphone Tokens and Token Tape ff. How? Easy right?

As we all know, the Scar Blood Moon Skin is one of the best Skins in Free Fire. In this event, you have the opportunity to get it permanently.

How to get Skin Scar FF Blood Moon Rap Free Fire

So that you can get the Scar Blood Moon FF Skin in this Free Fire Rap Event, then you must collect the required number of Tokens. Right now, the Headphone Token event can be collected.

The way that you can get Headphone Tokens is by looking for them in your home or other places. Just like looting as usual, you can find this item together with the looting item.

But for Token Tape, you have to be patient to wait. Because to get it, it can only be done on February 1, 2020. Unlike the Headphones, you will be asked to destroy the giant Tape in the Map so you can get it.

45 required Headphone token ff and 5 Token Tape, so you can get the Scar Blood Moon Free Fire Skin. How? It’s easy, right? So you can get the Scar Blood Moon?

If you get this Scar Blood Moon Free Fire Skin, then the additional Attributes of the Skin are Damage ++ Range + and Accuracy-.

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So that’s the information for getting Scar Blood Moon Skin at the Free Fire Rap Event that we can convey at this time, what do you think ?. Are you going to attend the event or leave it? Guaranteed you will regret it if you ignore this one best event.

That’s all we can say, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.