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PUBG Mobile Pro Player (PMPL) SEA FInals Season 2 has been completed. The number of spectators for the match turned out to be over 400K. In line with that, PUBG Mobile also provides rewards in the form of a special PMPL parachute skin which is being distributed for free at this time and here is the complete information.

A few days ago, PUBG Mobile players and connoisseurs throughout Southeast Asia were focused on watching the great games shown by the pro players at PMPL SEA Finals Season 2. Indonesia itself was represented by the three best teams from the previously held PMPL ID Season 2. The three teams are Aerowolf LIMAX as the winner of the PMPL ID Grand Final, Aura Esports as the runner up of the PMPL ID Grand Final, and Bigetron Red Aliens as the winner of the PMPL ID Regular Season.

The existence of three teams representing Indonesia in the Southeast Asian tournament has actually fueled the enthusiasm of the PUBG Mobile audience to be able to watch and support the three heroes. As a result, the number of viewers reached 400K viewers.

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PMPL SEA Finals Season 2

It is still warm in our memories how great the pro player teams in Southeast Asia fought in the last PMPL SEA Finals Season 2. The match heats up when two days in a row, Aerowolf tops the standings with great play in each game which allows them to collect big points in every match.

On the third day, the wolf team’s throne was disturbed by the red alien team who were also their colleagues from Indonesia. Bigetron RA also rose to first place on the third day and finished as PMPL SEA Finals Season 2. Now both of them have the opportunity to compete in PMGC 2020 which is the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament.

PMPL Special Parachute Skin Available for Free

The PMPL SEA Finals Season 2 match which was held for three match days actually attracted many people to watch the live stream. The result is that the number of viewers has exceeded the 400K viewers mark! With the large number of audiences, it shows that the enthusiasm of the gamers is enormous for this PUBG Mobile esports game.

PUBG Mobile also gave appreciation to the achievement of this number of viewers. They also released a special PMPL parachute skin. You can get this parachute skin for free and permanently.

The way to get it is you just log in right now. Then a pop-up banner will appear showing this offer, you can click PMPL Exclusive Reward. Then you just need to redeem or you can go directly to the event menu.

However, this offer is very limited. The special PMPL parachute skin offer because it has reached 400K viewers at PMPL SEA Finals Season 2 is only valid on 26-27 October 2020 only. That means today is the last day to get the special PMPL parachute skin offer.

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