Get to know Map Varenga, Mini Erangel in PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG is a popular battle royale game with great success. The success of this game is, of course, due to the more complicated and challenging gameplay which is the advantage of this one game. PUBG also released a mobile version and a lighter lite version. This time we will discuss the Varenga map in PUBG Mobile Lite.

When asked what game with the best battle royale genre at the moment, one of the answers is of course PUBG. This battle royale game was first released for the PC version. The game’s huge success on PC was finally released on Xbox One, mobile, and a lighter version of the game, the lite version.

PUBG Mobile Lite comes with a lighter game but still brings the same gaming experience. Through this article, we will discuss one of the favorite maps in PUBG Mobile Lite, namely the Varenga map.

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Map Varenga, Mini Erangel

PUBG Mobile Lite comes with a lighter game and of course the gameplay is simpler but still brings a challenging playing experience as you can get at PUBG Mobile. Therefore, the map that is present in this game is even simpler.

One of the best maps in PUBG Mobile Lite is Varenga. This small map is touted as the Erangel mini map in PUBG Mobile. This is because Varenga is filled with fields, weeds, and also buildings such as houses and so on.

Favorite Looting Place on the Varenga Map


There is one large main building with abundant loot items in it. Landing on the roof of the huge building is a step right at the start of the game and has the opportunity to shoot at enemies from above. The factory location is in the western area of ​​the Varenga map.


The location of this house is in the eastern area of ​​the Varenga map. The abundance and quality of loot items here is enough for more than one squad to loot in this place.


This location is in the middle of the Varenga map which is most likely the location for the Safe Zone at the end of the game. Therefore, it is certain that this location is a place with high popularity or crowds and is highly contested.

Pilot Plaza

The latter is a military area in the Varenga map. Located in the southeast area of ​​the map, Pilot Plaza has three large buildings with abundant quality loot items.

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That’s a review of the Varenga map which is one of the favorite maps in PUBG Mobile Lite. This map is also a favorite map for players to do push rank. Thank you!