Gfinity CWL Summer Masters Group Divisions Announced

Gfinity Arena & Studios is back as the venue for the Call of Duty® tournament on July 1 to 3. Last week just announced the list of teams that will compete in the Gfinity CWL Summer Master through direct invitations, namely Millenium, Supremacy, Team LDLC, Splyce Pro, Epsilon eSports, Team Infused, Exertus and HyperGames.

A total of sixteen teams will compete in a four-group format, where each team has played at least 2 matches. After the group phase is over, the team with the top two positions in each group will advance to the single elimination bracket round, while the bottom two teams are automatically eliminated.

All group matches, quarter-finals and semifinals will be in the best-of-five (bo5) format, while the Grand Final will be in the best-of-seven (bo7) format.