Ghillie Suit’s Secret Place in PUBG Mobile Training Room, Must Know!

Who among you likes to camouflage using ghillie suits when playing in classic mode? Usually ghillie suits are hard to find because not all Airdrop Supply Boxes contain ghillie suits in them.

This certainly makes ghillie suits rare so that not many players use ghillie suits when playing in classic mode.

Meanwhile, even in training mode where you should be able to experience all the features easily, it turns out that the “rare” concept of this ghillie suit is still used by PUBG Mobile.

It turns out that getting a ghillie suit in training mode must be really observant when looking for it because of its hidden place. Do you already know which spots in the training mode have a ghillie suit?

If not, let’s see the explanation below!

PUBG Mobile’s Ghillie Suit Secret Place

Middle House

If you are in the training room, you will see several houses and one house with additions such as a car park which has a metal roof with holes. That’s where the white ghillie suit is stored.

You only need to take the UAZ car and hit the wall or broken wall behind the car park with the perforated iron roof. Then move behind the broken wall, and jump and you will be on the hood of the UAZ car.

Jump again until you are on the roof of the car, and then jump back up until you have successfully climbed the roof from the car park. Well, that’s where you can find a white ghillie suit.

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The Straw Behind the Crane

Did you see the big crane at the end of the training room? Behind the crane was one big straw, suspicious, right?

If you enter the straw, then you will get a ghillie suit in it. Really hidden, huh!

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Peak Crane

Not far from the straw, there is a step in the shape of a cube to climb the container which is arranged in a row. Keep climbing up to the top of the crane but you have to be careful not to fall.

At the top of the crane, you will see two things: the ghillie suit and the live chicken. Great fun, right?

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4. The Little Mound in the Water

In the part where the vehicle is parked, then in a watery place you will certainly see the ship. Use the ship to get to the small mound nearby and is in the middle of the mini port.

At the bottom of the mound, you will see a green ghillie suit there. Good luck!

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Based on our explanation above, are you interested in trying to find the ghillie suit? Thank you, yes, for listening!


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