Hao is registered as a sub team Newbee

Chen “Hao” Zhihao was registered as a temporary substitute for the Newbee team for the Boston Major tournament.

Seeing information from Valve’s roster registration, Hao was not included in the core team for the Boston Major, Newbee also did not replace the main roster with a substitute roster. It is possible that Hao will be summoned if one of the Newbee players has a Visa problem or is sick.

Hao himself is currently an inactive player on the Newbee team, he said he would take a six-month break from Dota 2 after Newbee finished 9-12 at The International 6. At that time, he said it was possible to retire forever.

During his career as a professional Dota 2 player, Hao has played with several top Chinese teams, such as Tyloo in 2011 and Vici Gaming in 2015. He also successfully led Newbee to win The International 2014.