Harstem Beat Scarlett 4-2 and Become Champion of HomeStory Cup XIII

One of the Invansion eSports players, Kevin “Harstem” de Koning, just won the HomeStory Cup XIII tournament after defeating Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn from the Dead Pixels team in the Grand Final with a final score of 4-2 by taking home the grand prize of $ 10,000

Harstem had lost in the preliminary round of Group 1, he lost to Fabian “GunGFuBanDa” Mayer with a score of 2-3, but survived after defeating Szymon “Guru” Nieciąg with a score of 3-1, and took revenge by winning on his return against GunGFuBanDa. with a score of 3-2. With these results Harstem advanced to the Group 2 stage.

Not wanting to miss like the first stage, Harstem progressed in the second stage with a 3-0 win over Gabriel “HeRoMaRinE” Segat and beat Dario “TLO” Wünsch 3-2 to secure themselves in the playoffs.

In the playoffs, Harstem won 2 perfect results by beating Maru “MaSa” Kim 3-0 in the quarter-finals and Jens “Snute” Aasgaard 3-0 in the semifinals. Despite the difficulties, Harstem beat Scarlett 4-2 in the Grand Final.