Here are 5 Interesting Facts about Bennett on Genshin Impact

Even though he is only a four-star character (B4) in Genshin Impact, that doesn’t stop him from becoming the favorite character to be taken to various battles. He is named Bennett, a character who was less prominent in the initial tier lists created by the Genshin community. But all that changed thanks to his superior role in the support role. Therefore, Bennett is a must-have character for players, with constellation 1 (C1) as the minimum requirement to unlock his greatest potential.

You can read a guide about Bennett here, but in this article the author wants to focus on interesting facts from Bennett that you may not know. Let’s look further at the following article.

Here are 5 Interesting Facts about Bennett on Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

Bennett is a sword user who has Pyro elemental vision. He is described as a kind person, and like Barbara, he is very optimistic about those around him. He also places a high level of trust in everyone he meets despite the fact that his reputation at Mondstadt is not very good. Bennett enjoys accompanying Traveler and has a tendency to talk a lot, especially about the other characters in Mondstadt he admires.

Then, what are some interesting facts from Bennett in the world of Genshin Impact?

He Is Considered A Bad Carrier

Bennett is famous all over Mondstadt for being perhaps the most unlucky person ever to be born in Teyvat. In fact, outside of the Adventure Guild, Bennett had a bad reputation for bringing misfortune to those wandering around him, especially if they were on his team. Or maybe he was more often scapegoated by the people around him.

Despite this, Bennett continued forward with a smile on his face in the hope that all would be well.

She was abandoned as a baby

Bennett does not know his biological parents, and there is no clue who they are. He was found in a dangerous place in Teyvat and was fortunately rescued by an old adventurer who, oddly enough, was the first known adventurer to make it through the area.

Since then he was adopted by the old adventurer until he died, and changed the figure of father several times. Until he has the view that the old adventurers are his father.

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He’s quite close to Barbara

Barbara tends to be very worried about Bennett, even wishing he’d taken more time to rest after being injured. Bennett loves seeing Barbara and attending her concerts so he can cheer her on.

The two seemed to get along well, despite the fact that Barbara was very well known in Mondstadt. Bennett hopes that one day he can have the same fame as Barbara so that his dream adventure team will flourish.

Vision Bennett Saves Her Life

Bennett has long been known for not taking care of himself when adventuring. This was before he was even blessed with a Vision. In fact, on the day her vision appeared, she was seriously injured and passed out, possibly from the blood loss from her multiple wounds.

Fortunately, the vision appears and closes the wound just in time to save the boy, and he awakens with the vision symbol in hand.

Genshin Impact

She’s Pretty Naive

Bennett is a pretty sweet person, but this often causes him to easily trust those around him. Fischl is a prime example of this because Bennett truly believes in his bizarre claim that he is actually from another world. He even asked Fischl to take him to his homeland so he could have a look.

Obviously Fischl never tried to bring him in, and he often vented his excitement to talk about the fantasy stories he’d made up.

Those are the interesting facts from Bennett in the world of Genshin Impact. Although he may be considered an unlucky person, Bennett’s optimism should be appreciated. Bennett still has a long way to go to become a true adventurer and be able to make a great team of adventurers.

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