Here’s How to Push PUBG Mobile Rank for Players Who Are Pro!

PUBG Mobile produces various kinds, one of which is a player with mature skills. This player is commonly referred to as a pro player. Well, here’s how to push PUBG Mobile Rank for Pro players that you have to do.

If you are already a PUBG Mobile pro player, do you still need a strategy to win the match? The answer is yes, of course.

You can imagine how devastating the gameplay will be for paid pre-professional players who don’t use strategy when participating in tournaments. No matter how high the skills possessed by PUBG Player players, the game strategy will still be there.

Then if the pro player wants to push rank, how do you do it? What’s the difference with push rank tips for players with mediocre skills? Check out the explanation below!

Skill Ripe? Here’s How to Push PUBG Mobile Rank for Players Who Are Pro!


When playing PUBG Mobile in squad mode, players with mature skills must already understand how to play PUBG Mobile which is adjusted to their respective roles. Play according to the role, so that your team strategy is successful.

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Mature Strategy

When they already have good skills, players like this will definitely prioritize a strategy to win, not just a strategy to collect as many kills as possible. Make sure you and your team have a mature strategy such as the direction of rotation, determining the place to be the compound before the zone move, and so on.

In essence, master the basic strategies of battle royale games like PUBG Mobile. Mastery of strategy will make it easier for you to make immediate decisions even in unfavorable situations. In addition, mastery of various types of weapons is also required.

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Self-interest takes precedence

Playing PUBG Mobile with squad mode, of course, you have to play compactly in order to maintain each other’s safety. However, actually when playing PUBG Mobile with squad mode for push rank, personal safety is the main thing.

You are helping friends, for your own safety. You kill the enemy who kills your friend is also something that can save yourself.

Even when your friend is paralyzed and you don’t have the chance to force it, there’s nothing wrong with leaving your friend. It is better to fall 1 alias have a team that is “lame” than 1 team must all be knocked out.

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A large number of kills is a bonus

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When you have mature skills, you definitely have good aiming skills. There is no need to force yourself to multiply kills, because if your skills are good, automatically the large number of kills will come by themselves.

Remember, in this game it is not the number of kills needed, but a way to survive until the end of the game.

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Based on our explanation above, there really are not many things that we emphasize for pro players when doing push rank, but only a few important points must be kept in mind. Hope this helps, and thank you for listening!