Here’s the Recent Kalahari 2.0 Map Leak in Free Fire (FF)

Playing video games can be one of the best thing to do right now to spend your leisure time. There are many game options that you can choose in android. If you’re looking for more challenges, you can try playing Free Fire from now on. In Free Fire, there are many game modes that you can play. With many items that you can use in Free Fire, the gameplay will not be boring. Also with character options and weapons, the players will have many new things to try in the game. Especially if Garena keeps on updating the game. Here we have some information on the recent Kalahari map leak in Free Fire that you need to know.

The Recent Kalahari 2.0 Map Leak in Free Fire

To get to know every update in the game, leaked information can be a reliable source for players sometimes. For more credibility, you might as well try to join the Free Fire advanced server, which is now open to players. So don’t miss the chance to enter the server, to try out new features coming up.

In the latest update, there is a huge change in both map in the game. Map is one of the most important element in the game, since it will determine how the players play the game.

The Kalahari map, is unfortunately the least favorite map among players. This is happening because the map is quite difficult to get to know to, and it’s hard to adjust to the map interface. So there are less players who actually play in rank mode in this Kalahari map. But you need to know, that the Kalahari map will get a new version which is the 2.0 version of the map.

Modern Lobby

This is a leaked information so the credibility of this information is still a big question for everybody. The lobby background is the first information leak that we got. The new version of the map might be a slight change in the location and the interface of the map. The new version is added to attract more players to play in this map.

You can check out the new lobby background in the Free Fire advanced server. So don’t miss the chance of entering the server to try many new things to come.

And that’s some information on the recent Kalahari Map leak in Free Fire. Stay tuned for more information about this map. Make sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!