Hero Atlas Mobile Legends Terabru 2020, This is the Complete Skill!

The latest Hero Mobile Legends, Atlas finally officially launched on the Advanced Server, Atlas is one of the heroes with a Tanker role who has high enough damage for the Tank class. This time Hero Atlas Mobile Legends 2020 and you have to know the complete skills of this hero atlas mobile legends

Atlas has a skill that is quite troublesome with his ultimate skill that can attract all heroes at once. Atlas has the ultimate skill that is very similar to Franco’s Hook skill mobile legends but it’s more troublesome.

This ultimate skill can generate chains and attract all heroes up to 5 heroes at once if they are within its range. Previously we discussed this hero in a previous post. In our opinion, the ML hero atlas is a rival to Grock mobile legends. This is because of the skills that support other mobile legends roles in order to win the match as a tank

New Hero Background Atlas Mobile Legends

Atlas is a creature that has tentacles trapped in a forbidden place called the Abysal Sea. The place contained a great living being.

Abysal Sea is home to many extraordinary creatures including Atlas. They are one of the oldest living things in the Land of Dawn.

Atlas and the others ate elemental beasts to gain power, as he was imprisoned by the Ancient Ones which were held back by the powerful Injunction.

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Hero Atlas ML Advanced Server Mobile Legends, Come on, Try it!

Altas himself is a prisoner who can get out and finally get a very powerful cyborg in the form of a Mecha Sentry.

But in fact, even though it looks like a robot, Atlas itself is a tentacled creature that controls a robot in the form of a Mecha Sntry who is ready to fight.

In this extremely powerful Injuctuon prison, Atlas managed to get out using only his second Skill.

Skill Set Atlas Mobile Legends

Hero Atlas Mobile Legends Terabru 2020

As a hero in Mobile Legends, Atlas has three active skills and 1 passive skill. Deliver it.

Passive Skill: Frigid Breath

This passive skill allows enemies within range of Frigid Breath to be affected by a slow effect of 40% for 1 second. This passive skill will reactivate every 3 seconds.

Atlas is the best Crowd Control (CC) specific hero as well as a very useful initiator to be used as a trigger for attacks against even all enemies at once.

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Skill 1: Annihilate

This skill allows Atlas to hit the ground and cause 3 explosions. With each explosion it will deal Magic Damage to the enemy around 250/280/310/340/270/400 which is added by +70 percent of the total Magic Power.

Skill 2: Perfect Match

This skill will make Atlas out of Mecha Sentry which he uses by producing 360/400/480 // 620/560 attacks which are added with +55 Percent of Total Magic Power and produce Magic damage and stun effects that last for 1 second.

Hero Atlas Mobile Legends Terabru 2020

When this skill is activated, Mecha Sentry will run to follow Atlas so you have to press one more time so they can reunite with Atlas and produce a stun effect.

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Ultimate Skill: Fatal Links

When this skill is activated, Fatal Links can throw a chain at the target b and then Atlas can pull all enemies in the specified direction and produce 300/400/500 / (200 pieces of tital Magic Power) and give Magic Damage and 60 Slow Effects. percent.

Well, that’s the explanation about the latest Atlas hero who will be present in the upcoming Mobile Legends update. Interested in playing this hero atlas mobile legends ?.

Players can buy mobile legends atlas with diamond ml or gold. If you want to get it with gold, all you have to do is play more often to get a lot of gold.

So, let’s try the newest tank-fighter hero from mobile legends. Make sure you master the game in the land of dawn!