Hero Counter X-Borg Mobile Legends

If X-Borg is used in the right hands and skills, then he will be very dangerous and will have no weaknesses at all to advance even though he does not have BAR HP Armor. Then what are the Mobile Legends Heroes to Count X-Borg?

Having very good sustain and also pure damage that is not playing games certainly makes it dangerous. In the laning phase X-Borg is a strong bully lane and in team fight the damage output is very high.

However, X-Borg has several counter heroes, behind its very painful power and great damage. X-Borg will also submit to these heroes. But this also depends on the player who plays the X-Borg hero counter even though it can counter X-Borg but it is wrong to use. then the hero counter will become X-Borg’s fire meal. Who are they?

Hero Mobile Legends to counter X-Borg

1. Kadita

Who doesn’t know Kadita, the hero who is inspired by the Queen of the South Coast aka Nyi Roro Kidul is X-Borg’s biggest counter. Kadita has the power of water and X-Borg has the power of fire. It was clear that Water would win against Fire. By using the Breath of the Ocean skill. Kadita can stop X-Borg’s movements from a distance.

You can also avoid X-Borg’s Aggressive skill by using Kadita’s Rough Wave skill which can hide in the water and inflict great damage on X-Borg.


Marksman who has enormous damage to this late game will be the second X-Borg counter. Because he is a very easy hero to destroy X-Borg’s Armor with his arrows. Without further ado Irithel can eliminate X-Borg in just a few shots and X-Borg’s Armor won’t be strong enough to withstand massive damage.

3. Khufra

Tanks with very useful strength in counting Fanny’s skills. Dash and Flicker will be X-Borg’s third hero counter. With his strength. Khufra can stop X-Borg’s Ultimate Skill because X-Borg when he is about to do Ultimate he will make a dash hit first. but if Khufra manages to counter it with his 2nd skill. Ultimate X-Borg will be canceled and the Armor will be lost. And it will mess up X-Borg’s defense and will fall prey to your team if he fails to escape.

X-Borg is a very annoying hero. With high damage thanks to his passivity and also his burnt skill, it is certainly not an easy thing. Especially in lane and teamfight where he shines.

How about the info this time? Still having trouble fighting X-Borg? Use the Hero Counter!