Hero Marksman Brody ML Vs Wanwan Mobile Legends

In playing Mobile Legends, you must pay attention to the use of heroes and roles that will be used. By knowing the roles you use, you can work together well, and play better, of course.

Marksman is a type of hero in Mobile Legends who usually becomes an ADC or a carry on a team. Hero Marksman himself usually becomes an ADC in Mobile Legends, because he has a strong skill to inflict damage on enemies.

However, you will find it difficult to beat the enemy, because there are also many marksman who do not have strong escape skills. Assassin heroes like Natalia or Ling can beat you easily, because they have high burst skills.

Many marksman heroes also have high damage skills, and even become top tier heroes like Brody and Wanwan. Both of these heroes have strong skills in being a marksman, because they can attack enemies easily.

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There are still many reasons that make these two heroes into top tier heroes. Here we will discuss about the Best Hero Marksman Brody and Wanwan Mobile Legends, which you might know.

Brody Vs Wanwan Mobile Legends (ML)

These two marksman heroes are heroes with strong skills and become Marksman top tier heroes in Mobile Legend. Brody is a marksman hero with a high damage burst and extensive AoE damage.

On the other hand, Wanwan is a marksman hero with fast movement skills and strong damage reap. Wanwan also has a high burst skill, allowing him to attack enemies quickly without putting him in danger.


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Brody is a marksman hero with a high burst damage, also equipped with quite extensive AoE damage. He can attack many enemies at once, with high damage.

However, he has a fairly slow attack speed. The type of shot must be charged or held to give high damage to the enemy. Even though it is longer than other marksman heroes, he has very high damage.

Brody also has strong movement skills, so you can attack enemies quickly. Its use is a little difficult, but it can move well if you take advantage of its skills.


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Wanwan is a marksman hero with the best movement skill. When attacking an enemy using a basic attack, Wanwan can dash at a fairly close distance. However, the faster the dash is executed, the greater the attack speed.

This one hero will be very weak against CC like stun or root, because he won’t be able to move properly for sure. So, it might be difficult to fight enemies who have strong CC.

Wanwan will be very difficult to fight if he already has the ultimate skill. If the enemy has been hit by Wanwan’s ultimate skill, they can’t run away from him easily. Because, Wanwan will continue to attack the enemy, while he becomes inaccessible.

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Those are tips about the Best Hero Marksman Brody and Wanwan in Mobile Legends, which you might try. By using this hero, maybe you can play better using Marksman in Mobile Legends.

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