History of M416, Best AR in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile provides various types of weapons with details and specifications tailored to the original military weapons. For M416, which is known as the best AR weapon in this game, it also has its history. In the following, we will provide information about the history of M416, the best AR in PUBG Mobile which has a very friendly performance.

Weapons are important items that PUBG Mobile players must prepare. Especially because the weapons available in this game come complete with details such as attachment items that can maximize weapon performance. Therefore mastery of weapons and other items is very important to determine your victory in the game.

If you are asked what weapon is the best, of course the M416 will always be on the list, huh. Because this Assault Rifle (AR) type weapon has a very good performance in this game. So what about the history of the M416 weapon?

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History of M416, Best AR in PUBG Mobile

Fast Chronicle

This weapon has another name HK416, originally called HKM4, but has now changed to HK416 or M416. It is called HK416 because the design is made by a combination of the M4 and M16. This weapon is a type of Assault Rifle designed and produced from 2004 until now by a German company.

Initially Heckler & Koch was given the task of perfecting the weapon variants of the M4 and M16. They then look for the advantages and disadvantages of these two weapons. By collecting various data, Heckler and Kocj created a system to overcome the problem with the M4 weapon mechanism, which has a less effective gas pressure.

They then made improvements to both the system and the mechanism for the materials they were made of, by also implementing the Direct Impulse Gas System (DIGS) system. This system is ultimately used to treat the disturbances that exist in the two weapons.

In addition to this this rifle model, originally based on the XM8 project, was discontinued as an improvement on both the M16 / AR-15 and M4 Carbine, the M416 which is also a standard combat weapon of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

M416 weapon in PUBG Mobile

YT / BadGamerGameplay

M416 is an Assault Rifle (AR) type weapon which is known for its excellent performance. Even in the hands of a beginner, the M416 is quite friendly. Naturally, this weapon has been named the best AR in the PUBG Mobile game.

As a weapon with a 5.56mm bullet type, the M416 has a low recoil level so it is more stable when used. With fairly painful damage and a fast rate of fire, the damage per second (DPS) of this weapon is deadly.

One of the reasons why this weapon is the best and flexible AR is because the M416 has a total of 5 attachment slots. The types of attachments that can be used for this weapon are also easy to find in the arena. By maximizing these five attachments, it will make the M416 very deadly, of course.

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That’s the history of the M416 weapon which is the best AR in PUBG Mobile. It seems everyone agrees that M416 is said to be the best AR in this game. What do you think?