How Effective is META YSS Support MPL ID Season 6 Mobile Legends?

MPL Indonesia is pro scene Mobile Legends, which has lasted 6 seasons so far.

MPL ID Season 6 has now been running until Week 6. Various matches have certainly succeeded in bringing surprises for MPL ID supporters and fans. The emergence of a new META, line up, as well as the shift in position on the standings to make MPL ID even more heated.

On this occasion, we will discuss heroes marksman / assassin which is popular to be hyper carry among pro player MPL ID. Yi Sun-Shin skyrocketed right from receiving revamp from Moonton. However, this time we will not discuss YSS as hyper carry it’s as support. Of course, META YSS support this raises the big question, namely, how effective is META YSS support in MPL ID Season 6?

First Appearance

META YSS support first appeared in the match between Bigetron Alpha VS Geek Fam, to be precise games 3 MPL ID Season 6 Week 6 ago.

YSS Support itself was used by Bigetron Mobile legends and was able to lead BTR to victory with a final score of 2-1 over GEEK. Even so, the presence of YSS as support still raises doubts. The reason is, YSS which is marksman made him so needy farm for the sake of getting equipment.

Apart from that, META hyper carry also still a mainstay of the para pro player in MPL ID. This certainly adds to doubts about YSS as support. When compared to heroes support for others such as Pharsa and Chang’e, YSS is neither very effective nor comparable.

YSS support tends to be very useful for teams with skills ultimateinformation about the opponent’s whereabouts in the Land of Dawn. Even though, cool down from ultimate YSS also takes a long time.

YSS Support by RRQ Vyn

RRQ Vyn is pro player from the RRQ Hoshi team who carried out the task as support mage in area mid lane RRQ. Launching from a video published on the RRQ Vyn YouTube channel, he immediately used YSS support after its first appearance in MPL ID.

Evidently, the doubts above were immediately answered through the content of this RRQ Vyn. The reason is, YSS support still need equipment in order to be able to be damage dealer that promises.

Under pressure from the opponent, YSS RRQ Vyn looked in trouble and tried to find him space farm. Though, position hyper carry occupied by RRQ Alberttt using Roger.

Although only in game mode ranked, YSS support has huge consequences behind it. Review again match between BTR VS GEEK, YSS support is quite successful for BTR because GEEK plays very passively. In fact, GEEK uses Hilda tank which made him unable to carry out his duties properly.

With the discussion above, of course you can find the answer to how effective META YSS is support in MPL ID Season 6. Even so, keep looking forward to the various surprises and the latest META that will be showing pro player at MPL ID Week 7. Don’t forget to support your favorite team too!