How to Become a Free Fire Role Marksman

The division of a role within the Squad is quite important so that you can work together properly according to the roles in your team. There is a Makrsman role in Free Fire, how do you become a Marksman Free Fire role?

The division of a role will make team play clearer. At the time of looting it will be divided equally without any shortage of items and other equipment.

In a Squad, Role is divided into 4, There are Role Breacher, Marksman, Flanker and Sniper. For this time, we will discuss about roles that rely on remote shooting, namely the Marksman Role.

Marksman is a role in the Free Fire game which has the role of killing and eliminating enemies who meet you or your team. For how to become a Free Fire Role Marksman yourself, you must have a good Aim first. Aiming so that you can more easily target and kill your targeted enemy.

If you become a Marksman free fire role player, you must be able to adapt to the conditions of the game. This role can inflict great damage on enemies from a short distance or even quite a distance away.

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The virtue of this role is to kill enemies who seem to threaten your Squad, so at the beginning of the game let him take items and equipment that are pretty good, so he can kill enemies very easily.

How to Become a Free Fire Role Marksman

Characters That Can Be Made Role Marksman

This role plays with an aggressive nature, because the main objective is to kill the enemy. The skills used by the right character will be a good bonus for you, when playing using the Role Marksman. So that you are always ready to deal with the enemies who come.

We have 2 suggestions for characters that are suitable for use by these marksman role players.

  1. Paloma

Weapons that are often used by this role are weapons that have the Assault Rifle type. If you use the Paloma character, the Role Marksman will be even more interesting, because the Skill possessed by this character can carry an additional Assault Rifle bullets without having to worry about lack of space in the Inventory.

  1. Miguel

If you do battle with the enemy and if you have finished doing the battle, surely you will lose this cellphone and EP. Therefore, Miguel is the second suitable character suggestion for this Marksman role. The skill that this character has is that you will get an EP that will fill your cellphone and so you don’t need to look for Medic Kits.

Marksman Role Weapons and Equipment

Good weapons and equipment will be the key to victory in this Role Marksman, good loot at the beginning of this game can allow you to kill many enemies and strengthen team defenses.

In addition to good weapons and equipment, you must also have items that support the Marksman’s role, such as the Medic Kit so you can recover lost HP.

Here are some things you need to know about Marksman weapons and role items.

Assault Rifle Type Weapon

This type of weapon has a good ability at any distance. You can do quite a lot of damage and you can strengthen it with several attachments to attack the enemy.


Grenade is a weapon that you can use to attack enemies who are gathering in a place or are hiding in a building.

Water Drop Caller

This item has a big enough advantage for you, because it can provide some good equipment and good weapons, besides that you can get level 3 Helmets and Vests.

Those are some tips on how to become a Free Fire Role Marksman. How? Are you guys going to be Role Marksman now? Greetings, Booyah!


I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates