How to become the top Global Mobile Legends (ML) quickly in 2020

Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that applies a ranking system in the game. Ranking in Mobile Legends is divided into two categories, namely local ranking and global ranking. Lots of players who want to get the title from the rank they have achieved. So, how to become Top Global Mobile Legends (ML) Fast 2020 ??

By getting the title of mobile legends from the rankings achieved, of course, will be a matter of pride for him. Besides that, it will also increase its popularity in this Mobile Legends game. We have some tips for getting top global mobile legends easily and quickly

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Fast Way to Become Top Global Mobile Legends

This time some tips and how to quickly become Top Global Mobile Legends. For those of you who want to know how to quickly become the top global Mobile Legends. Come on, just see the method below!

Choose the Hero Who Want to Be the Top Global

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The first step you have to do is determine what hero you want to become a global top. After determining your hero, you can take the next steps to become a global top.

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Play Hero in Ranked Mode

Fast Ways to Pro ML to be Top Global Mobile Legends

After choosing a hero who will be the top global, you only need to play ranked mode to get mmr so that the hero you use can get a ranking. Play ranked regularly and try to always win so that the mmr of your heroes continues to rise.

Ask Friends Or Team Help

To minimize the defeat factor when playing ranked mode, you can play it with your close friends. Why is that? The answer is because if you play as a solo player it will be very difficult.

Even though you are very pro but getting a noob team will definitely lose too. By inviting close friends to play together, it will minimize the defeat factor.

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Use One Hero Only

Fast Ways to Pro ML to be Top Global Mobile Legends

You have to focus on playing ranked mode with the heroes that have been previously chosen. With a focus on playing one selected hero, the number of these heroes will be even more. This is a factor in order to become a global top quickly.

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Make sure the connection is good

Even though you are very pro and have played with close friends, when the internet connection is bad, the chance of losing is very big.

This will certainly prevent you from becoming the top global of the chosen heroes. Therefore, make sure to play ranked mode when the network is good so you win and mmr the hero you choose continues to rise.

So that’s a review of how to quickly become the top global Mobile Legends. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Please try to apply it and become a global top in this Mobile Legends game. Have a nice play.