How to Change Free Fire Weapons Quickly on FF

Now there is a way to change Free Fire weapons Very Quickly, this will definitely help you in competing and defeating the enemies. By using a variety of things that are profitable in this game, we can get a lot of good things too. Therefore, all of you later, don’t miss all this kind of thing.

The updated features that are given to the Free Fire game now, are one of the most useful things for players to use. Because when we use it, it will automatically help when competing. Try How to Eliminate Auto Aim Free Fire, so that later we can make it easier to compete in that game.

But for now it’s not from Auto Aim or other features, we’re going to try a feature that is no less unique as well. Curious? let’s just look at the explanation, in the article below.

Features of Changing Free Fire Weapons Very Quickly.

It is true that now there are many new features, which we can use for later too. All of this will work fine, you can just get better with the name Features. Don’t forget too, if for example there are many other interesting things that can be changed from the name feature at this time too.

Now, when you change weapons in the match, surely we have to press the Weapon in the second slot or other slot. This way you can be good, because you can change the type of Free Fire Weapons quickly. Even though you have to click like that, it turns out that this method is not very effective and takes a long time to do.

But if for example you want to play better, try the features that are presented today. Quickly change weapons feature, curious about how to use it?

Here’s how to activate the fast free fire weapon changing feature that FF players can do:

  1. You go to the lobby
  2. Open the free fire settings on the far right
  3. Select the control submenu to see the fast free fire weapon change settings
  4. Select the quick change weapon FF section
  5. Return to the lobby and play your free fire

If you still don’t understand this method, my own esports will tell you with the image below

Open Settings

The first and most important thing is that we have to open Settings, this will also give a broad view of the things or controls that we can set later. In full, we can adjust the features in the Free Fire game, from the current settings.

Open the Controls Section

When you are in these settings, then just take a look at the existing settings. But not in the Basic part of this setting, yes, but we have to open the Free Fire game Control section. So this will allow us to adjust the settings or how to play in the game.

Third Choice of Quick Change Weapon Parts

Finally, you need to choose the name Quick Change Weapon, that way you will make a fast weapon change feature there. Taking advantage of features like this is definitely one of the most profitable things for us to experience.

Because indeed by changing weapons quickly, there is no need to worry about the 1 vs 1 battle.Where those of you whose bullets in the weapon run out, you can immediately change quickly to the next weapon.

You can also read the Free Fire Fast Reload Feature, so that performance when playing later will be better. No need to push the icon on this weapon slot, just click the Quick Reload icon so we can immediately change bullets quickly.