How to Collect Carnage Points Free Fire, FF Really Fast!

For now, the games that are presented to Android are indeed quite good and interesting for us to play. Of course by playing this game, surely we will not be easy to get bored. For now, there are already a lot of games that are available on Android. If you want to try something more challenging, download Free Fire right away. this time we have a way to collect Carnage Points Free Fire that you can do.

In this game, we can find lots of interesting things that are pretty cool. So, of course, feeling bored, will definitely disappear more quickly playing this game. Free Fire is quite well developed, so the player won’t get bored easily.

Free Fire is also designed for potato cellphones, so they can also experience the excitement of playing this game. The events that Garena also presented were all quite good and interesting. Right now, we have the latest Free Fire Rampage Event which is really cool.

At that event too, there are lots of cool prizes that can be obtained. So with that, you all shouldn’t miss it. Now we also have to collect Carnage Points, to become a place for the Top 100 in Free Fire.

If you want to get these points quickly, just follow the method that we will provide below. Curious? Immediately, we see below.

Tips for Collecting Free Fire Carnage Points Quickly

This Carnage Point is very useful for all of us, where these points will make us place in the 100 and above. But if for example your points are lacking, of course the main prize in that ranking will not be obtained directly.

For now, we have a very interesting event. Because if we reach rank 100 and above, a prize in the form of the latest M1014 Incubator Skin can be obtained. Of course this is a free gift, for us to get later.

To get these Points too, Garena gave very easy way to collect Carnage Points Free Fire. So of course all of you who are playing right now, don’t forget to chase that Point. So that in the future, you can go up to place 100 and above

You have to know first, how to collect these Points. So in the following we will give tips, get that point quickly. Check out directly below.

How to Collect Points Quickly

We already know how to collect Points that we discussed earlier. So if you want for our daily mission, we will finish it every day. Of course by completing this, the points obtained are practically the same and also different.

The first time you log in, you will get carange points, then after logging in. You have to complete the next mission which has to play the game several times. As Playing the game twice will get one free fire carnage point. Furthermore, you will get it again until you play 6 matches in free fire. Surely you are playing rampage mode

The mission that is presented is also quite easy for us to complete. But if you want, you can play in the mode listed in the mission. Try to play with friends, so that later when you collect these Tokens you can have fun too.

For the second one, you can do it on July 4 to 5, 2020. In this second mission, we recommend playing with friends only. At this point too, we have to finish a match.

There are no restrictions on playing in any mode, because these points can be obtained after you finish competing. Now these points will appear, if you reach rank in the Top 20 in the match. These points are obtained randomly, so it’s nice to play with friends too.

So that later you can collect these points together too.

By collecting Points like this, of course we all will have an easier chance of getting the skin for these weapons. So, the opportunity presented this time, don’t miss it and waste it.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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