How to Collect Mondstadt Genshin Impact Typical Products

This is how to collect the typical Mondstadt Genshin Impact products that you often encounter in the Battle Pass. You can complete the weekly mission by collecting the following items.

Genshin Impact is one of the JRPG games which is very popular and is widely played by gamers around the world. This game presents a variety of very interesting content that you can complete.

In the weekly mission in the Battle Pass you have to find 100 Mondstadt Typical items where not all items are the same, you need to choose items that you can farm so that the mission can be completed.

Esportsku has a Way to Collect Mondstadt Genshin Impact Special Products by collecting the following items. Guaranteed your weekly mission will be completed with just one farming.

How to Collect Mondstadt Genshin Impact Typical Products

There are 8 Mondstadt Typical Products that you can collect at Genshin Impact. The eight products are very easy for you to collect even in one farm. What are these items?

Cally Lily

The first Mondstadt specialty product is Cally Lily which you can find in the Springvale area, Dadaupa Gorge. You can find this flower all over Mondstadt. But most of them are in the Spirngvale area.


Next is Cecilia, which you can find only in the Starnatch Cliffs area which is the northern part of Mondstadt. This item is also the ascend material for the characters Venti and Albdo.

Dandelion Seed

The second is the Dandelion Seed which you can find in the town of Mondstat near the bridge. To find this material is actually very easy. But to take it you need the character Anemo.

Philanemo Mushroom

Barabara, Klee and Mona need this mushroom to increase their character’s level. This item is also typical of Mondstadt, you can get it at every building in downtown Mondstadt and also Springvale.

Small Lamp Grass

Next, you can look for Small Lamp Grass which is also an ascend material for Fischl, you can get this material in the Wolvemdom area, Whispering Woods, Springvale and other areas.


Next, you can add to the typical Mondstadt products by taking Valberry. You can find this item in the Stormbearer Mountains and Strombearer Point areas. Usually, you can also find this item in spot material such as Chunk in the Monstadt area.

Windwheel Daisies

Next there is the Windwheel Aster which is a material item for Sucrose and several other characters. You can find it quite easily in the Windrise area, Stromteroor Lair which is north of Mondstadt


Finally there is Wolfhook which is the material for Ascend Rozer. You can get quite a lot in the Wolvendom area near Andrius. Once farming, this item is usually the most to find.

So, those are some of the Mondstadt Genshin Impact Typical Products that you can collect to complete the weekly missions from the Battle Pass found in the game Genshin Impact. Hopefully this review will be of use to those of you who are GI gamers. See you later!