How to Complete the Latest Elite Pass 31 Free Fire (FF) Week 3 Mission

Now we can find out how to complete the Elite Pass 31 Free Fire (FF) Week 3 Mission which was updated yesterday during the present maintenance. There are indeed many new updates to this game and for sure we will have many opportunities, to be even better. Especially some other information, you will be helped in this latest mission.

The events that are present in the Free Fire game right now are quite a lot and definitely cool to try out later. Yesterday there was also an OB25 Free Fire Update which was quite large, of course, with this update, players can feel the sensation of playing that is much better. All of this will be useful, until some new updates in the future too.

Because on Week 3 of the Elite Pass mission, you have to know that and for those who haven’t opened it means that you just need to prepare to complete this mission. Immediately, we see the explanation, in the article below now.

How to Complete Elite Pass 31 Free Fire (FF) Week 3 Mission

So the mission that comes in week 3 is indeed quite easy, we won’t be as difficult as the previous mission. Because at that time, there was a new Elite Pass Free Fire Mission Update. Where we will get much more bad prizes, then you guys should be able to try all of that and don’t miss it later.

You must complete this mission quickly, because the Elite Pass that we can complete quickly will definitely be better than delaying all of that later. This weekly mission is easy.

  1. first you have to play in Clash Squad Free Fire Mode 10 times. See, it’s so easy not to play just 10 times in that mode.
  2. Then both of you have to eat up to 5 Mushrooms, in all matches in this game. Only the conditions that you have to complete, you have to eat it up to 5 times in one match. For example in the initial match you eat 3, then lose and continue to eat 2 again in another match. This mission will immediately fail and you do have to eat 5 mushrooms in that 1 match.
  3. Give 10000 Damage to all enemies in Classic Mode of this game. So later you can’t play Ngendok, because this damage will continue to increase according to you against the existing enemy. If you play ngendok, you definitely won’t be able to. Then you have to survive 5 minutes in Classic mode, 5 times to complete this part of the mission.
  4. Finally, you have to headshot the enemy 8 times, but you have to use SMG weapons. For Rush players, this is indeed one of the easy things, but what about players who play neutral? I wish you luck in this matter later.

By completing missions like this, we will indeed get a predetermined number of badges. But you will also know, if later there is a Free Fire Badge Discount, the price is indeed very cheap. All of this comes in a special way, so you have to immediately complete the mission too.

There will be lots of new updates for us to know about, but how do you get to know quickly? Just follow my Esports Instagram right now!