How to Current 1 GB Free Fire Ram and Latest FF No Lag!

This time there is a way to Play Free Fire on 1 GB Current Ram and the Latest FF No Lag that you can use.

When you play a game on Android, what you want to get is a game that is fun and doesn’t lag. Everyone will want to try the game smoothly, without experiencing the slightest disturbance. For now, the Battle Royale game is still a mainstay of many people. But if you want to try something fun and light, install Free Fire right now.

As we know, this game was developed directly by Garena, so of course all updates provided are very good and cool. You will definitely never be bored, because yesterday there was the latest June Update which was quite good and very cool.

When an update occurs, surely you will be asked to update and download the Update File. Yesterday we also attended the exciting Free Fire Beach Party Event, where in this event there was a prize in the form of Misha’s cool bundle cut.

If you play the Free Fire game for a long time, the performance given will definitely drop. So you also have to know the Causes of Hot HP When Playing Free Fire, so that later it can be overcome easily without experiencing continuing problems.

But for now, we will provide several ways to Free Fire on the latest 1GB Ram and No Lag FF. Intrigued by these tips? let’s just look at the explanation in the article below.

Here’s How to Play Free Fire (FF) Games Without Lag in 1GB Ram:

Clean All Free Fire Application Cache

Free Fire Ram 1 GB

For now, the meaning of cache is a junk file in an application, of course things like this must be deleted so that the application will not be present. Now this also applies to the Free Fire game too, because usually there is that cache too.

For that you must always look at the cache in the Free Fire game application, so that later you can find out how much cache this application has generated. Usually, if used frequently for a long time, it can definitely reach more than 500MB.

Now this is a total junk file that must be deleted, the method is quite easy. You enter the Settings and select the Applications section, after that you also have to look for the Free Fire game. Later there is an option to Clear Data or Cache, so you all choose Clear Cache.

Free Fire Ram 1 GB Must Don’t Forget the Effect Settings on a Smartphone

Free Fire Ram 1 GB

The next thing you have to do is disable Transitions and Animations, so that later Ram on your cellphone won’t be consumed in large quantities. With this given performance, it will definitely be better than before.

For example, if you play the Free Fire game and are still experiencing lag, then you have to disable this problem. So that later, less Ram is used, so playing the Free Fire game will definitely not experience any problems at all.

To do something like this is also quite easy, you just need to enter the settings and look for Developer Options. After that you select the Tap Build Number section so that it is not locked, then enter the Developer Options again.

Then here you just have to disable Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation and Animation Duration Scale. After that, just play the Free Fire game, and feel what happens when you do that later.

Free up Smartphone RAM with Background Stop!

For those of you who want to play the Free Fire game but have opened other applications, don’t forget to close it first. Because things like this will later have an effect on playing performance, applications that are closed by pressing the Home button will not close completely.

So the application will remain open later, so you will definitely eat Ram. When playing the Free Fire game by having an application running in the background, surely this will affect you and make you lag. Moreover, this is the case, at 1 GB Ram HP.

Before you play the Free Fire game, try to clean the applications that are running in the background. Try to clean it up right away, after that the Ram will definitely be empty and you can play Free Fire without any lag problems at all.

Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

Applications that you install and when you are not using it, you better uninstall it. Because applications like this, will definitely run on their own and will make Ram full. In addition to making Ram full, surely the application will fill up the memory on your cellphone later.

So instead of playing the Free Fire game experiencing excessive lag on the 1GB RAM HP, try to always check whether the application is still in use or not. If for example you don’t use the application anymore, it’s better to just Uninstall it.

So that later you won’t experience excessive lag, when playing this Free Fire game later. For that, don’t forget, to uninstall applications that are no longer needed later.

Don’t Use Widget And Live Wallpaper, Just Uninstall If You Have

Free Fire Ram 1 GB

Next is not to use a moving widget or wallpaper, because this will be quite influential in the future with this Free Fire game. 1 Gb Ram is indeed quite small, so you have to avoid using these two applications, of course.

Because if for example you use a moving wallpaper, surely the performance of your cellphone will decrease. Moreover, this is for a cellphone with 1 Gb of Ram, surely the Wallpaper will eat up quite a lot of Ram that is owned by the cellphone.

Besides that, it is also a widget that can make your cellphone pretty good, you shouldn’t use it. Because this can also make Ram Full faster, so you will definitely not be too comfortable when playing the Free Fire game later.

The GFX Tool Application Can Really Help You But Beware of Getting Banned!

Finally, you can use this application, of course, the function of the GFX Tool is to make the game performance being played better than before. This application will help you to adjust the graphics in the game, so that it can be played quite well later.

For example, if you play Free Fire on a 1 GB Ram cellphone, try to use this GFX Tool application. Because this is enough to help you, so you don’t experience lag when playing later. But you also have to know what happens when you use this.

The GFX Tool is arguably the 3rd application, which is of course prohibited by Garena. Because if you use this application, later it will be considered a Cheat application. For example, if you want to use the GFX Tool, YOU CAN BANNED BY GARENA FREE FIRE. So don’t use this even if you’re forced to do it later!

Don’t Forget Your Cellular Data Network

A smartphone with 1 gb ram is an old smartphone. Of course, the signal catcher part of the smartphone is inadequate. For example, the network problem is not yet 4G and the network can only be HSDPA or 3G. This certainly affects your movements while playing free fire

If the network is bad, that’s fine. Even if you move, you will lag even though you have followed the six methods above. By paying attention to the network signal, one of the Free Fire Ways on 1GB Ram is smooth and has no effective FF Lag.

Make sure to use WIFI when using 1 GB of RAM

Free fire players who have a 1GB smartphone usually have the signal only stuck on 3G or HSDPA. This is because the cellphone is old and still can’t catch 4G signals.

Therefore, we recommend that you always use WIFI when you are playing free fire. Apart from avoiding FPS drop due to unstable network, you can also play smoothly without lag with WIFI.

Always Checking for Updates

Every game or other application on this Android, must have experienced an update that is not known to all of us. Of course things like this later, will really really affect the game application you are playing.

For now, the Free Fire game sometimes has problems like that too, so don’t forget to check for updates presented by Garena. Always check the Free Fire application on the Play Store, so you know if there are new updates or not.

If for example in the Play Store there is a new update, of course you just need to update the Free Fire game. So that later when used and played, you don’t experience various problems such as lag or other things.

Things like this are often done by many players, so they can find out whether this game is having problems or not. The hidden update was indeed carried out, so that the performance you feel will not be bad enough in the future.

Playing Free Fire Ram 1 GB must be an application that is updated automatically

Free Fire Ram 1 GB

Yup, this problem may often be experienced by many players from all over the world, where in this case you will experience an automatic update. Of course things like this will later affect the game, as well as the performance of your cellphone.

Usually, updates that are carried out automatically are on the Google Chrome and other Google Play applications, of course this update has a size that is quite large too. So if for example you feel lagging, try checking the Play Store at that time.

If, for example, there is a new update on applications that you don’t want to update, just cancel everything and immediately go back to playing the Free Fire game. Because if you do the update, surely you will also feel the difference.

This update definitely requires an internet network, when playing the Free Fire game, your Ram and Internet will definitely be drained by the update. So that the name Lag, will definitely happen.

Free Fire Ram 1 GB Must be Clean from Viruses and Malware

In addition, for those of you who play on 1GB RAM or higher but experience severe lag, it means that there is something that must be suspected in this problem. Usually something like this will happen, when your cellphone experiences a dangerous virus and malware attack.

Viruses will indeed damage and make the HP performance less than usual, but for example Malware is more dangerous than Viruses. Because Malware can actually damage the core of the cellphone, and is able to steal valuable data on the cellphone.

So, for example, if you visit a suspicious Web site, try not to enter it or visit again. Because usually things like this will cause your cellphone to be attacked by viruses and malware, so later the cellphone will decrease in performance.

Free Fire Ram 1 GB by Restarting the HP

Free Fire Ram 1 GB

If you play free fire on HP Ram 1 GB and more, but often experience quite severe lag problems. The last way and arguably the most Powerful is to do a restart, because this will later restart all systems on the cellphone and make the Ram completely empty.

Of course this kind of thing will turn out pretty good and it won’t be too bad either, usually most people will start to restart

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Those of you who play the Free Fire game on a 1GB Ram HP too, should be able to find out about this problem. Because not always HP with 1 GB Ram, you can play the Free Fire game quite smoothly. So don’t forget to follow suggestions like this.

So that later those of you who play the Free Fire game will not experience excessive lag problems in the future.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah. Don’t forget to follow my esports instagram!