How to Find the Position of the Enemy Snuggling in Free Fire

Free Fire, the game made by Garena, which was released for the first time in 2017, has indeed succeeded in reaping success even though it hasn’t been 3 years yet. This is evident how there is a record 80 million active players in one day. This time we will discuss about How to Find the Position of the Enemy Snuggling in Free Fire that you can use properly.

Not without reason, the battle royale game was successfully delivered by Free Fire with a different nuance. Character and Pet differentiate Free Fire from similar games as well as one of the aspects why this game is so popular.

In Free Fire, several types of playing styles are embraced. The most striking of course is the style of ngendok and also barbarian play. These two styles of play are sometimes often the subject of debate because of their advantages.

One of the great things about playing ngendok is that it’s hard to find. Of course, for those of you who play barbaric, here is what you can do to find opponents playing cloaking in the free fire map!

Pay attention to minimap and gunshot noise

The first way you can do this is to always be aware and pay attention to the map and see where the shot direction symbol comes from. If you encounter a battle but you don’t hear a step, it could be that they are playing scooping.

But what you need to pay attention to is to remain vigilant because the gunshot symbol can not exactly show where the enemy is actually croaking. Therefore, always be aware and pay attention to your surroundings.

See the Color of the Shirt from the Map

Players who decide to drink usually choose to stay in an area that has a lot of obstacles, whether it’s between rocks, trees, or other obstacles that can hide their position.

With this explanation, of course you must remain vigilant and look around. Take a look around and see if anything is a different color that is too flashy. If so, you can be sure that it is the enemy who is scooping up.

Move Position to High Place

High places are usually the most comfortable places to scoop. Therefore, try to find people who are hiding in high places maybe you will find them.

Besides that, by being in a high place, you can also see the enemy who is cramming and is below you. That way, you will easily shoot and shoot at the enemy.

Use the Moco Character

Using the Moco character is one answer to finding the enemy who is hooking. Enemies who sneak will usually not be accustomed to escaping and have a rotating path when shot. Usually they will find a house or other obstacle to scoop up at.

With the character Moco, enemies who are immediately looking for another place to scoop will soon be easy to find. because the skill called Hacker’s Eye is able to give a sign of being hit by a shot of up to 5 seconds.

If Frustrated, Shoot All Directions

You can do this method if you are desperate to find a player who is hooked. Shoot in all directions and if you are lucky you can hit the opponent who is scooping. In addition, by firing bullets in all directions you can also lure enemies who are steaming to get out.